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Fiyero couldn't help but notice the way Vivian was looking at him. He wasn't sure if that last spell had been his competitiveness or the pain of the stinging hex talking, but either way, he hadn't mean tot hurt her. He just really, really wanted to win! He didn't want to lose the duel, but he didn't want to lose his friend, either! He considered throwing the duel but decided that wouldn't be fair to either of them. Still, he should probably dial it back a notch with his next spell...

He was so lost in thought that he just barely managed to sidestep Vivian's spell. "Nice try," he said with a small smile. "You almost had me!" His turn now... This time he opted for something a little less drastic. "Steleus," he said, aiming his wand at the Slytherin girl.

Text Cut: Points

Spells Cast: Steleus - causes target to sneeze for short periods of time

Caster Points
H: 0
M: -15
F: 0

Opponent Points
H: -3
M: -7
F: -3
Additional Affects: sneezing only lasts for one of victim's posts

Directed at: Vivian Fairfield

Affected by Spells: N/A

Physical Actions:
Sidestep (-5 fatigue)

Ending Points:
Dueler's name: Fiyero Jones
H: 80-0=80
M: 73-15=58
F: 12-5=7
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