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The tickling sensation on her entire body was starting to subside and Vivian was getting the hang of the not-so-ticklish-anymore feeling, so she shrugged the urge to scratch or rub her shoulder again. Plus, she was finally able to control her laughter after what seemed like DECADES of just constant laughing. Merlin, never that spell again. She was extremely ticklish. Meep.

But GOODNESS, could Zorro get any more "GRYFFINDOR" AND AGGRESSIVE RIGHT NOW? Vivian almost took yet another spell to her forehead (not a good place to get hit on, really) but she immediately ducked and the spell missed. She flinched and twitched an eye at Zorro. Was he trying to kill her? But... they were friends! Were they not? The Stinging Hex earlier meant no harm because she was LAUGHING and it was literally the only spell she could think of! Maybe he felt threatened... but you know what the Slytherin felt?


Vivian was obviously no fan of pain and tearz and all, but... if the Gryffindor wanted to "Gryffindor"ize this duel, she'd have to comply. She was sure her dad, who was a former Lion back in the day, would like to see his daughter be one with the pride for once. So... yep. The Slytherin-acting-Gryffindor sniffed and waved her wand. "Tarantallegra," she said, as calmly as possible. Because... screaming... too many people screaming in this arena already. Need not add more to the noise. Also... a taste of Zorro's own medicine, probs?

Also, was there a spell to heal heartaches caused by betrayals? SNIFFLE. Just kidding.
Text Cut: Points Tracker
  • Spells Cast:
    • Name of Spell: Tarantallegra Causes victim's legs to dance uncontrollably
      • Caster Points:
        • H: 0 Pts
        • M: -15 Pts
        • F: 0 Pts
      • Opponent Points
        • H: -5 Pts
        • M: -5 Pts
        • F: -10 Pts
      • Additional Effects: n/a
  • Affected by Spells:
    • Name of Spell: None
    • Additional Effects: n/a
  • Physical Actions:
    • Duck
    • -5 fatigue points
  • Dueler Name: Vivian Iona Fairfield
    • H: 93 - 0 = 93
    • M: 81 - 15 = 66
    • F: 15 - 5 (duck) = 10
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