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Vivian actually blinked before her spell actually reached Zorro, but she was sure that it actually was successful when his fingers started looking like goo. Despite the fact that it was her friend and... well, it looked kinda gross, the Slytherin managed to laugh. HAHAHA. "I'm sorry! But your... fingers..." she tried not to laugh too much, but there was not much success either. "They look like JELLY SLUGS."

But you know, karma was a total pain in the butt. Vivian took the spell that her fellow first year casted towards to her shoulder. WELL OUCH. It didn't hurt much as taking to the stomach... but... now, the spell didn't hurt much?



Oh dearest Merlin. She already knew what this spell was. It was the tickling charm! It itched more than Marshmallow stroking his head across Vivi's arm! The first year tried to control her laughter, but yet to no avail. Wow. She was... miserably failing at controlling her emotions today. Especially laughter, although this one was spell-induced. She took breaths - sounded more like she was snorting, really - to stop herself.. but, nah. She was probably going to keep laughing for another ten minutes or so.

She raised her wand, though it seemed like she was being restrained to do so because of the spell's effect, but she managed to send a stinging hex towards the Gryffindor.

And yep, just going to continue laughing because of her "invisible tickler". HEHEHEHAHAHAHA.
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