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Darwin (on time per usual) was stoked to finally get the ball rolling! He was a tad bit nervous finding the location of the tunnel to begin with, not that he didn't know how to grasp directions but getting lost was always a thought. However he successfully arrived to the tunnel, it seemed a little disheveled..actually A LOT of disheveled and it didn't have a pleasant smell at all! His olfactory glands were already rebuking the foul smell. Muggles may be apprehensive of the place but Darwin found in interesting in a mysterious sort of way, I mean there's just so many things you can expect from a place like this. This would perfect for a new transportation route, right?

Already spotting Lynley and co worker Chloe, he was good at remembering faces and names, he smiled and gave them a wave. "Hi, Lynley." He greeted. Turning to Chloe "Hello." he too greeted her with a smile and wave. Looks like there were still more people yet to arrive. "Well this looks interesting." He chuckled, letting his eyes roam and explore his surroundings.
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