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She was exhausteeeeeeeeeed.

Sakura had not anticipate how heavy a load it would be to balance uni, work and adulting. The small, dark haired girl just about dragged her feet to the break room. She still had an exam to study for after her shift was over. It was sad that she had not brought her school bag. If she had she could have studied a bit during her lunch.

Entering the room, she slowly wandered, her hand dragging over the green silk table with spheres that build a triangle. What an odd thing to have at work. She poked a ball and barely made a dent in the triangle. She poked again, harder this time, and triangle broke, spheres rolling this way and that, one of them even rolling into one of the holes on the table.

"Yaaaas," she whispered and high-fived herself. She did it!
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