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Default Abandoned Muggle Tunnel
A Poop * k8 *

Located in a not well-known part of town, the tunnel has been abandoned for decades now. Paint is chipping off the interior walls, there is a fairly dank and dirty smell to the entire place, and shriveled, green plants are scattered around the inside as well. No need to fear a train coming through here because, well, there hasn't been a running train in here for a while now. The muggles in the nearby town, however, claim to hear the sounds of a train riding through on very bleary nights and believe the tunnel to be haunted. Obviously, it's the perfect place for the Department of Transportation to investigate the area for eventual magical use; perhaps for a magical tube system?

So, employees, headed by your department head, come on in. We'll take a look around and see what we can do with the space. We don't really think the tunnel is we?

OOC: Hello all! Lynley is waiting for them in front of the tunnel, where they were told to meet her at. This thread is for TRANSPORTATION PEEPS only! Let's get this party started!
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