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13. Flagrate

Even as Filch went to retrieve the supplies to clean up the marks and the other staff dispersed, Minerva couldn’t help but let her eyes linger on the blood-red message. The letters were painted, but they might as well have been made of flames for all they cut to the quick.

Enemies of the heir beware…

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened

She hadn’t been around the last time, only Albus had and she had been trying to read her colleague since the first happenings. However, he was now out of the mix due to Malfoy. Hagrid was easier, the half-giant seemingly rattled as well by the situation. Something to look into further.

A sound caused her to pull away from her thoughts and Minerva turned, have expecting Potter and Weasley to have tried sneaking back. Alas it was nothing. And she had more pressing matters to attend to than staring at the wall.

The school was in danger.
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