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Captain Skylar Diggory

"You won't make yourself a name if you follow the rules
History gets made when you're acting a fool
So don't hold it back and just run it
Show what you got and just own it
No, they can't tear you apart"

Let the Little Fire Grow: Playlist! {Thanks to SSAesthetics}

{ T HE B A R E N E C E S S I T I E S }

Full Name: Skylar Natasha Diggory
Nicknames: Sky, Diggbutt (if your name is Flynn Kowalski. Otherwise, don't use this *eyes*)
Age: 17
Strongest Subjects: Ancient Runes, Charms, Flying, Transfiguration
Favourite Subjects: Arithmancy, Charms, DADA, Flying
Weakest Subjects: DADA, Herbology

Date of Birth: 6th August 2078
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Current Residence: Bristol, England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Wand: 11 2/3 inch pliant Fir with Dragon Heartstring [Common Welsh Green]

Graphic credit: Krel Ansell

Boggart: Dying too young, Failing at life/classes
Mirror of Erised Reflection: To be successful and make a name for herself
Patronus: TBA
Amortentia: Old textbooks, Essence of Murtlap, aka Healer Reed, the leather of a quaffle ball, the wood of a beater's bat
Relationship Status: Trying to figure it out. Heartbroken.
Former Relationships: Dated Brent Westwood November 2092-November 2093; Apollo Kennedy October/November 2094 - January 2096 & March 2096 (for like two weeks)

{W H A T I L O O K L I K E }

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Grey-Blue
Height: 5'8.5" or 173.99 cm
Weight: ~125 lbs or 56.7 kg
Face Claim: Odeya Rush

{W H A T D E F I N E S M E }

Defining characteristics: Skylar is very curious and intelligent; while she like seeking out adventures, it is mostly due to growing restless with mundane activities rather than trying to be brave or courageous. She seeks to apply her book knowledge and to challenge herself to be the best she could be. She seeks balance in life and aspires to learn new things, loves reading books, and having one-on-one conversations with inspiring and educated persons
Personality Type: "The Commander" (ENTJ-A)
Strength of individual traits: Extraverted: 69%; Intuitive: 57%; Thinking: 64%; Judging: 64%; Assertive: 56%. Role = Analyst. Strategy: People Mastery

{ F A M I L Y I S E V E R Y T H I N G }

Father: Curt Diggory (B: 31 Oct 2049)
Mother: Savannah Mae-Diggory (B: 5 May 2050)
Brother: Logan J. Diggory (formerly Fowler, B: 30 July 2070)
Brother: Noah J. Diggory (B: 4 Jun 2076)
Sister: Hayley A. Valera (B: 31 Mar 2071)
Sister-In-Law: Alexandra Diggory (Logan's wife, B: 10 Oct 2069)
Nephews: Makoa Diggory Kameāloha (B: 20 Mar 2093), Xolani Diggory (B: 10 Mar 2089)
Niece: Yelena Diggory (B: 28 Nov 2087)
The Twins: Elias J. Diggory, Evelyn J. Diggory (11 years old)

Godfather: Frederic Krum, Godmother: Alexis Chosen
Cousin: Vincent A. Krum (21 years old)
Cousin: Hazen C. Krum (17 years old)
Cousin: Jacee A. Krum (11 years old)

{ F R I E N D S H I P S }
*Let me know if you think your character should be there, pls and thanks! <3

Best Friends: Hattie Paton, Vivian Fairfield, Flynn Kowalski, Brent Westwood,
Friends: Junia Botros, Felicity Harrington, Hadleigh Lynch, Trevin Locke, Valkyrie Atwater, Chase Keighley, Hazen Krum, Apollo Kennedy, Noelle Summers, Ava Burton, Olivia Holden, Isa Wright, Henry Whittebrook, Kane Westwood, Henrietta Kramer, Cassie Carter, Noah Diggory, Ethan Dixon, Alexandra Diggory, Juniper Primeaux, Luci Baeva, Rhea Durant, Syah Kennedy
Acquaintances: Olivia Phillips, Dora Umbridge, Charlotte Kettleburn, Genny Tate, Anastasiya Dalgaard-Volkova, Emmeline Sparkes, Faith Chosen, Daisy Carden, Alyce LeFrique, Zinnia Shacklebolt, Derfael Ashburry-Hawthorne, Aaron Botros, Alanna Botros,
Frenemy: Zoryn Spinnet
Known Enemy: Saffron Stemp

{ E D U C A T I O N }

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2089-2096)
Slytherin. Seventh Year.
Extra: Attended Quidditch Camp in London (Summer 2092). England's U-17 Beater (Summer 2093, 2094, 2095). Slytherin Quidditch Captain (Fall 2094-Spring 2096)
Notable mentions: Asha in "Fountain of Fair Fortune" (5th Year), Uncle Henry in "Wizard of Oz" (6th Year)
Classes Taking: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, Potions, Transfiguration {She 'dropped' Astronomy and Divination after 5th year, but we'll play in them anyway for funsies}
Extra-Curricular Classes: Flying, Gobbledegook, Latin, Mermish, Wandlore (6th & 7th), Alchemy (6th & 7th)
Games & Sports: Gobstones, Quiz Bowl
Organisations: The Bookworms (1st-7th), Creature Companions (1st-7th), Drama (5th-7th), Health&Wellness (1st-5th Year), Dueling Club (1st-5th), Quill Reporter (1st-7th)
Superlatives: Most Promising First Year (Term 43), Most Likely to Break Out of Azkaban (Term 47)

SPOILER!!: OWL Results {Term 47}

Pass Grades

Fail Grades

SKYLAR DIGGORY has achieved:

SPOILER!!: NEWT Results {Term 49}

Pass Grades

Fail Grades

SKYLAR DIGGORY has achieved:

*note, NEWT scores are entirely made up by me as OWLs/NEWTs are no longer taken in the RPG

{ H I S T O R Y }

SPOILER!!: More Details About Each Year

Skylar is the third biological child of Curt and Savannah Diggory. Both of her parents are former Hufflepuffs, prefects and class of 2068. They became friends during their first night at the castle, and started 'dating' in the winter of their Third year. Toward the end of their Seventh year, Curt proposed to Savannah at their favorite spot - Hogwarts lake, and of course, she said yes. After leaving Hogwarts, Curt accepted a reserve position with the Montrose Magpies and was later offered chaser, while Savannah studied magical creatures with the goal of becoming a creature healer. The two were married not too long after leaving school in a beautiful ceremony with the help of mutual best friend, Alexis Chosen, who had apparently been planning their wedding for a year or more prior to them actually getting engaged.

Quite unlike her older siblings - Noah and Hayley - Skylar is much louder and is much more content moving around then sitting quietly reading a book. The moment she started walking, she would frequently disappear - which thankfully wasn't far as she mainly would use her mobility to go next door to visit her cousins or the Patons.

As soon as Noah started Hogwarts, Skylar began counting down the days that she could also go and be sorted. Hayley and Logan were there, and it was just her left as the "eldest" with her two baby twin siblings. Of course she had another two years to go, but Skylar was anxious. She would have sleepovers with her best friends, Hattie Paton and Hazen Krum, where together the three of them would brainstorm the adventures to be had Hogwarts. Naturally they were all hoping to be sorted into the same house, but only time would tell.

Finally, on her eleventh birthday, as her older siblings said would happen, a snowy owl dropped her Hogwarts acceptance letter through the kitchen table. Just 26 days before the Hogwarts Express was scheduled to leave. Her journey to Hogwarts had finally begun and she was going to be there, right alongside her best friends: Hattie Paton and Hazen Krum.

First Year: { 4'2" & ~70 lbs } Started off slightly disheartening when she was sorted into Slytherin instead Hufflepuff, but Skylar quickly grew to adore her house despite being separated from Hattie. She became good friends with her dormmates, Vivian Fairfield and Junia Botros, definitely feeling comfortable with them. Named Most Promising Firstie in the Yearbook, alongside Hattie. Earned 255 points, number four ranked Slytherin, number eleven overall. She did also look up greatly to Hady Lynch, feeling very determined by the older snake.

Second Year: { 4'4" & ~70 lbs } Rather uneventful, continued to work hard in her studies. She did earn the rights to being 'Player of the Match' for Gobstones, helping contribute to Slytherin's third place earning for the Gobstones Cup.

Third Year: { 4'10" & ~80 lbs } Hit the ground running from the start in her third year, though she had a brief hiccup for a short time, she did manage to finish as top Snake Point Earner with 356 points, number two overall! She also managed to make the top list in six of her classes: Top-Notch Transformer, Divination Super Student, Muggle Studies Legend of Tomorrow, Champion Charmer, Future Historian, Future Astronomer. She also participated in Dueling Club for the first time, dueling Junia Botros and Kane Westwood, and managed to finish by luck most likely as top Jinx Dueler for Third Years. Overall a successful year academically. From the extracurricular perspective, she developed her first crushes as well, from a mere student-professor crush on the new Healer, to literally being crushed when she discovered Henry and Charlotte were dating, upon seeing them kiss. But her sights are on someone else too, as the attention of a teenage girl is quite fickle at this point

Fourth Year: { 5'1" & ~95lbs } Off to a mellow start when the Headmistress introduced at the start-of-term feast that there would be a competition, but you had to be at least a fifth year to be chosen, Skylar felt rather indifferent towards the whole thing and had little interest or care about it because she couldn't be chosen. Instead, she dove head first into devising study schedules and guides to prep for her OWL exams (despite them not being the following year). Before diving too far deep into her studies, she did manage time to investigate the new igloo put in place on the grounds by the new groundskeeper, which included her first kiss. Sort of. She and Brent Westwood, a boy she'd took on a date in muggle London over the summer, exchanged cheek kisses. October 3rd and the school gathered at the pathways and later the Great Hall to officially welcome the Ilvermorny guests and choose the champions, again, Skylar wasn't interested. Least not until the last name was called, Brent Westwood and while they were just friends, she did like him a lot and somehow felt this twinge of jealousy when he pointed out his old girlfriend - Madelyn Cunningham. Time went by and over by the lake, she officially met Madelyn and while the girl didn't know her, she wasn't sure how she was meant to act towards her and definitely was not very friendly. First challenge came and Skylar was stunned when in the middle of facing of dementor, Brent decided it was at THAT MOMENT that he announce publicly for all to hear, asking her to be his girlfriend. At that proclamation, how could she say no? Except, when he entered the stands and hugged Madelyn, which confused her for the briefest moment before they cleared matters up and she said yes. Which included, of course, a given date at the Merlin's Pride event. More school stuff in the midst of things, first Valentine's Day in Hogsmeade, including Brent gifting her a bracelet with charms of the initials 'B and S' dangling from it. She gifted him a green covered (quidditch/quodpot themed) planner, with mapped out study times, for his OWL prep, along with some alone times for them too. Third challenge, she consented to actually participate in it and was placed in a cage in a frozen tundra for Brent to rescue her; which while she hated needing rescuing, for the sake of the competition, she was all about helping her favorite competitor. She was even more pleasantly surprised to discover he had made it to the top four!! #ProudGirlfriendMoment Even if she knew he was indifferent about the scholarship anyway, but the glory was worth more than that. Pixie madness ensued in Runes and resulted in her and Vivian being summoned to discuss their defense skills with Hirsch. Overall, a successful year personally and academically, with being named a top student for NINE of her classes {Runes, Charms, CoMC, Divinations, Flying, Herbology, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, and Transfiguration} and finished as the TOP OVERALL POINTS EARNER, with 534 points. Her one downfall was that she felt like a failure with Defense; having to duel against Hattie first which put her in foul mood because it felt as if the girl was either indestructible or just lucky.

Fifth Year: { 5'5" & ~105 lbs }
Where to begin? Skylar had two goals this year, besides the obvious of passing her OWL examinations; #FindVivianaBoyfriend and #SaveKalenKennedy2k93. Things got off to a rather interesting start this year, when Skylar was talking to Flynn about girls, trying to figure out if he liked Hattie. Somehow the talk turned into a the two friends sharing a kissing moment, which was more out of curiosity then attraction. The even turned into chaos when rumors started flying about Skylar being a "cheater", including her not speaking with Hattie for a month. Eventually things cleared up and forgotten, but there was still some tension in the air between herself and Brent, which led to her breaking up with him about the time of their one year anniversary. While she loved the older Snake, she was confused about her feelings and needed time to focus on herself and her exams and five million extracurriculars and classes. Including her role as being cast as Asha in "A Fountain of Fair Fortune". The two weeks following her breakup were the most difficult, as she barely had an appetite and had difficult focusing, but eventually she managed to return to her routine. Sort of. The months following came in a whirlwind of events, including (in no particular order) snogging Zayn Kim, a Hogsmeade date with Darcy Forsfelle, sunbathing with George Pizarro in the Astronomy Tower, running with Torrance, flying with Trevin Locke and Apollo Kennedy, among many many more misadventures. Somehow though despite all the distractions and her loss of points for "disrespect" in Muggle Studies during a grossly unfair activity, Skylar managed to finish as a Top Slytherin Student again, Third Overall, with 343 points. She made the top list for seven classes as well {Runes, Astronomy, CoMC, Divination, Transfiguration, Charms, and Flying} and successfully managed to complete all her OWL examinations, in which she is currently anxiously awaiting her results.

Sixth Year: { 5'8.5" & ~125 lbs }
Her sixth year was off to a fantastic start, with earning 12 OWLs (Outstandings in everything except Herbology, in which she earned Exceeds Expectations). She also received the Quidditch Captain badge (Received a dragon leather bound captain planner from Zinnia Shacklebolt; A Bluebottle C from her parents; along with a letter from West Odessa and the Slytherin playbook at the start of term feast). For her 16th birthday, she had a Movie/Dinner date with Apollo; she helped Tory shop for an engagement present over the summer. Shortly after the opening feast, Sky found herself snogging both Apollo and Tory within like a day, which ends up leading to her distancing herself from both for a couple weeks to sort out her feelings thanks to advice from Vivian.
But come October 20th, that all changed, when she made the decision to choose Apollo for his birthday. As her feelings grew for him over the course of the year, she couldn't help but think about Brent at random intervals. But perhaps it was nearly losing Apollo in late Winter, which helped her to want to really stick by him, despite her growing feelings of doubt.
After her first quidditch match against Gryffindor, Skylar was half ready to throw in the towel on the captaincy. She felt like a failure; it was only one match, but to her, it felt like the world had come crashing down. It took some wise words from her mentor (Gaston Marchand), reminding her that defining success wasn't simply about winning or losing. That to be successful, one needed to lose the battle in order to maybe win the war. One needed to endure struggles. And it was through these thoughts and reframing that helped Skylar in her practices and eventually winning both the matches against Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, leading to a Slytherin Victory for the Quidditch Cup!
The year would be remiss without talking about lessons she succeeded in, which included top lists for {Runes, Astronomy, Charms, CoMC, Divination, Muggle Studies, Flying} or her as a Top Slytherin Student and Third Overall with 293 points.
It was the weekend in Dufftown, in which she realized the thrills from chasing down Duncan Williams and the disappointment of seeing him escape, where Skylar decided to add Auror to her list of Career Possibilities, something she hadn't considered before. Which makes her career list now looking like: Auror, Cursebreaker, Creature Healer / Cryptozoology, Journalism, Wandlore
Also, she still dislikes Portkey travel, getting sick every time.
The train home was an emotional one for Skylar, as she'd read a letter that Brent Westwood wrote for her and left on her bed before the feast. She found herself both being drawn towards the words that her ex wrote, but thinking about how good things were with Apollo too and had a complete meltdown. Which grew more traumatic, when Brent and her talked privately in a compartment. Something that Vi, Vivian, and Apollo had seen ... even though nothing happened but lots of tears shed (by Skylar feeling like a terrible person for the way things ended after all he sacrificed) and a casual embrace. She got caught between having to explain to Apollo what happened and convince him that she was all in and that he wasn't a placeholder. But even so, she still left the train and headed into the summer, feeling less than confident about her feelings.

Seventh Year:
After the uneasy feelings from the train ride home, Skylar started her summer very confused. With consolations and cuddles from her youngest sibling, along with throwing herself into her U-17 quidditch training, she did come around eventually. Despite her talk with Hazen Krum that left her overthinking on the 'what if he's right' about still being in love with Brent, she eventually, perhaps due a date in Paris with Apollo, realized that yes, she does still love Brent. But she is with Apollo now; she said yes to being his girlfriend and she chose to be because she wanted to be with him. She might always love Brent, but she 100% meant that she was all in with Apollo.
The summer finished off with epic camping trip in Ireland with her fellow seventh year girls (Cassie, Hattie, Vivian, Junia, Luci, Rhea, Kye)

Seventh year became a source of stress and anxiety for Skylar as she fretted over the 37 applications she managed to submit for Wizarding Universities across the globe (Four different programs because she was indecisive over what she wanted to do). Noémi was a huge help though in helping her realize what she was most passionate about was cursebreaking dual with auror training. Unfortunately it was too late as the stress and anxiety of the applications had taken full force. It put a strain on her relationship as well, giving Apollo the illusion that she wasn't fully present with him. When really all she needed was his support, but somehow got construed as selfishness. Ultimately he broke up with her, which caused a downward spiral for her and she spent some time in St Mungos for about a week. She did make it back in time for the quidditch match against Ravenclaw, but wasn't feeling up for playing given her situation.

She got back together with Apollo shortly after. But it was short-lived, only about a week, before he ended it again. Perhaps he had already moved on and maybe Hazen was right over the summer. What she did know was that she was heartbroken twice in a short-time, which led to more spiraling and slacking in her responsibilities.

She was heartbroken and frustrated by her lack of university responses, having only heard back from journalism programs thus far and a whole ton of rejections. With NEWTs right around the corner, she did manage to pull into high-gear study mode and despite her anxiousness, also managed to finish as top Slytherin point earner with 299 points, third overall. Earning top lists for Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, Muggle Studies, Divination, and Flying. She surprisingly wasn't as disheartened by the lack of a Slytherin Quidditch Cup as she had been by previous losses; mostly just numb to everything. Although she did receive an acceptance to the Magizoology Healing program in Germany whilst still on her broom, causing her to faint and fall off her broom for one of the only times.

Inferi incident at the lake late one night in May and later the pathways, led to bruises and scrapes, but overall she fared better on injuries than some of her classmates, it seemed.

Received her first cursebreaking acceptance to the program in Paris at the closing feast. Unfortunately, she really didn't want to go to Paris anymore, thanks to Apollo things, as she was still raw with emotions of seeing him move on so quickly, making her doubt if there was anything ever real between them at all. Yes, she could make new memories, as Rhea pointed out, but it was the old memories that would maybe hold her back.

Thankfully after arriving home for the summer, within a week, she received the final two cursebreaking acceptances she was waiting on: Japan and Spain. Which she will choose will depend on which Ministry she could get into their YATI program for....

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