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Originally Posted by Lupin Jr
Okay, let me expres my opinion...
Harry's reaction to Hermione's appearence is quiet average, he shared the same look on his face that Draco Malfoy had. Just complete surprise that Hermione could be pretty, from what JK gives us we have reason to believe everyone had this reaction. Harry was shocked, Pavarti was shocked, Malfoy was shocked, Pansy was shocked. Not with great company then, so this is another debunking of H/Hr.
Ron's reaction, is the only one in the entire student body that is pointed out to be different, he didn't look twice at pretty!Hermione, she walked right past him and he didn't stare at her. Why? Because he was too busy craning his neck looking for that bushy head of hers. He wasn't interested in the outer beauty of Hermione, he was interested in the girl who she was. He overlooked heaps of pretty girls to find Hermione, very, very mature. Harry noticed how pretty Pavarti and Padma was, Ron didn't even look at either of them; where's those priorities?
And once Ron relised where she was, he saw she was with Krum, the guy Ron has idolised and he was with the girl he loved, how quickly things changed. Did we hear about how shocked he was with her beauty like Harry and Draco? No, JK choose to show that he didn't even notice how pretty she was, she was still Hermione and he would always see her the same no matter if she was a supermodel or covered in rubbish.
So Ron was already inlove. (and I think more people would vote for it if they understood what the poll points where asking, they are very confusing, I had to read through it twice to understand what it was asking me)
Yeah, I agree with you.
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