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"I can see why you would be. The last few weeks since being with you have been amazing." Of course it would be easy to get wrapped up in things. He didn't want to ask questions unless she wanted to talk about it. But perhaps things had been going bad... maybe not. Holidays were a good way of escaping from things, even though they always caught up again. He smiled at her. "I'm glad it wasn't hard." Because it meant that she was serious about leaving him. Obviously, she had left him. But also it meant that she hadn't been torn up inside whilst trying to act happy for him.

"I haven't either," he admitted. Though that much was obvious. He laughed. "You have, have you?" he asked in a teasing way. He looked into the forest and sighed. "Yeah I just... travelled a lot and never met the right person." He looked back at Gabby. "Everyone else was just a bit of fun, and they seemed to just want fun too. So it just worked." He hoped it wasn't weird that he had never been in a committed relationship before. "Until now."

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