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"Huh," Archer said in response to her news. He let his eyes frown in thought. She had been married when he had met her, but now she was officially divorced. He wasn't quite sure how he was supposed to feel. Was he supposed to feel anything? "Well... thank you for telling me," he said, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear. He shrugged. "Sorry you had to go through all of that. It must have been difficult." He wouldn't know, of course, having never been emotionally invested in a relationship.

He couldn't NOT smile though. She had left her husband for him. "I'm glad you're with me though." He put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her in for a side hug. "Everyone has a past. Mine hasn't exactly been sunshine and rainbows. I've had... uhh... a... a few partners. You're um... actually the first person I've been with that's lasted for more than a fortnight, actually." He cleared his throat. At least she could commit to someone. But he was committed to her.

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