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Aditya 'Adi' Rehman (Pro Gobstones player for the Hereford Hippogriffs; Hippogriff breeder)
Models: Yatharth Ratnum (young Adi); Arjun Kumaraswamy (current Adi); Shah Rukh Khan (older Adi)
Post colour: Dark Orange

The Basics & Appearance:
Name: Aditya Rehman
Nicknames: Adi (from his parents), Adster (from Alec Summers), AdiDuck (from Elodie Robertser), Adidas (from Hady Lynch), AdiGriff (from Ilia Valke) Hippogriff and Griff (from Benny Atreyu)
Born: January 17th, 2070
Height: 5 ft. 8 inches
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Light brown
Build: Average
Ancestry: East Indian
Blood Status: Half Blood
House: Hufflepuff
Class of: 2088 (Prefect 2084- 2088)
Wand: 10 2/3 inch Robust Hazel, Hippogriff feather core
Boggart: Surrounded by everyone in his life except Benny
Patronus: Coyote (named Glider)
Amortentia: Chocolate Chip cookies, lemon, the Hogwarts's stables and Barnyard
Animagus Form: A Coyote
Best Friend: Benjamin 'Benny' Finnegan Atreyu
Relationship Status: Married to Benjamin Atreyu
Father to: Rajesh Atreyu- Rehman (b. 28th June, 2092; adopted 2095)
Big Brother to: Henric Nicolei, Ilia Valke, Lux Carrington, Janelle Guidry, Margo Holiday, Marsha Hanover, Hady Lynch, Ava Burton and Olathe Burnetti
Pets: A toad named Gus a.k.a Guster who can croak the alphabet and a rock called Pride.

Adi’s family:
Aditya is the only son of Indira Rai, who grew up in Gujarat, India. She and her parents moved to Kent when she was just a few months old so that they could all have better lives. It was discovered that she was a witch at age 11 when a Professor from Hogwarts came around to explain everything to her parents. When Indira was 19, her parents died in a train crash in India where they were on their way to visit their families. Indira was supposed to be with them however, she had only begun her first job as journalist for the Daily Prophet a few days earlier and did not wish to take any leave of absence.
Aditya’s father, Saieed Rehman, lived all his life in Kent. He never knew his parents as they abandoned him and his older brother, Amir, at an orphanage when they were 1and 3 years respectively. They were adopted by a young Muslim couple about 1 year later who raised them like normal kids. Saieed and Amir graduated from college with degrees in Economics (which took 3 years rather than 4) and Engineering respectively.
Indira met Saieed when she was 22 and he was 23. They dated for 5 years before getting married.
Amir Rehman is like a second father to Adi. The two get along very well and like Saieed
and Adi, Amir has a great sense of humour. He would often tease Saieed that Adi was his son (much to Adi's amusement) because he and Adi shared the same light brown complexion and looked more alike. Whenever Adi's parents would be busy and could not help him out with school work or attend his cricket matches, it was Amir who would be there for him. Adi's favourite memory of his uncle is of him creating a mini cricket pitch complete with mini players on the field using a combination of various materials. To this day, Adi still has this pitch in his bedroom.

About Adi:
Though Aditya was an only child with working parents, he was never lonely because they always made time for him. As did his uncle and adopted grandparents. Adi is not a shy child and is not afraid to say what he’s thinking (except sometimes when he thinks he’ll hurt someone) and managed to make lots of friends. He will seem shy at first but once he gets comfortable around someone, he can chatter on and on. Sometimes, he will also ask multiple questions in one breath, especially if he is excited. When it comes to school work, Adi considers himself okay at it but not a brainiac.

Adi’s hobbies include reading, listening to music especially rock, making new friends and of course, cricket. Almost every afternoon after school, he could be found at the park playing a game with his friends and was on the school team as an all rounder (left handed batsman & Spin bowler). He supports the England and India cricket teams and some of his favourite players include: Kevin Peterson, Mahendra Dhoni, Staurt Broad, Ricky Ponting, James Anderson and Stephen Fleming. Aditya is an active member of one of the Cricket Club’s but did not plan to become a Professional. However, it was at Hogwarts where he became very interested in Gobstones. during his first, second and third years, Adi was very terrible at it but eventually learnt by watching other players. From fourth to seventh years, he was named Player of the Match consecutively for his eight matches. In the final match of his seventh year, Adi was recruited by Hereford Hippogriffs manager Varek Gray.

Growing up, Adi made strange things happened around him mostly caused by nerves. Especially before school cricket matches. Once all the water pitchers which were set up for the players had exploded showering everyone in the vicinity with water and ice. Another time, the white chalk with which he was supposed to be solving a maths problem turned bright purple. When his mother heard about the incidents (among others) she knew instantly what the reason was. It was confirmed when he received his Hogwarts letter.

Adi is very cheerful and at most times he can be seen wearing a grin which has become sort of his signature. He is very friendly (sees himself as a 'Social Badger') and outgoing and has all the traits off a Hufflepuff: hardworking, loyalty and modesty. He is always optimistic even when things seem bad, he tries to find the good in every situation he is put in and loves motivating people. In addition, Adi likes to laugh and occasionally enjoys pulling a prank on a friend. In his third year, he discovered he was also capable of being very much insecure, a feeling which he really dislikes and tries desperately to keep it at bay.

Adi's Wiki Page
Adi's Twitter
Adi's Drabbles
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