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Hello *waves* I don't think we've met before?? (I'm pretty forgetful sometimes )

Omg, dude I saw some of these pretties in other charries' bios and the looked so awesomely amazing!

And now I badly want some of the awesomeness as well

Charter's Name: Mason Stevens
SPOILER!!: Brief Description of Your Character's Personality

Mason can come off as a bit mean and self-intituled to strangers, traits that she clearly possesses. But to those who know her, she is caring and loyal. She is extremely awkward around new people and attractive members of the opposite gender. She had genuinely no idea how to comfort those who are experiencing trauma or sadness. She isn’t very empathetic about others’ feelings and generally doesn’t care if people like her or not. She is very sarcastic and witty, assets that help her in her favourite activity: Mischief
Despite her resentment of being called a bookworm, she loves reading, but that doesn’t mean that she is an academic. Far from it really.
Despite her self-centred ways, Mason doesn’t hesitate to help her friends. Mason has a strong sense of morals and isn’t bothered by blood-status, even if her family doesn’t share her views.


> Likes: Staying hydrated and beautiful, playing Quidditch, reading, mischief, magic, eating, sleeping and overall just being lazy
> Dislikes: Restriction, rules, goody-two-shoes, ghosts, and most of all, *shudder* Pygmy Puffs

Character's Strongest Form of Magic/Strongest Spell They Can Perform: Mischievous little hexes and jinxes.
Wand Size/Length: 11 1/2 "
Wood Type(s): Yew
Wood Flexibility: Robust
Core: Heartstring of an Antipodean Opel-Eye
Wand Detailing: A (pinkish)Rosewood handle with beautiful lace engraved all over the handle. And a few tiny little swirls on the tip of the wand.

Where Did Your Character Purchase His/Her Wand: Ollivanders
Wand Image: My poorly drawn picture
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