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Ministry RPG Name:
Archer Burton
Environmental Protection
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Archer Burton

SPOILER!!: Archer Bio!

Full name: Archer Burton
Nickname: Archie
Place of Birth: London, England
Date of Birth: August 30, 2050
Age: 38
Current residence: In a tent, everywhere
Ancestry: Pureblood
Ethnicity: British, Scottish, Irish
Languages: English, Irish Gaelic
Wand: TBA


Height: 6 feet
Weight: Average, muscly
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Education and Work

Early Education: Home school
Magical Education: Hogwarts (2062 – 2069)
House: Slytherin
Best Subject: Herbology, Potions, Charms
Weakest Subject: Ancient Runes
SPOILER!!: Exam Results
O; Herbology, Potions, Charms, DaDa, Transfiguration
E; CoMC, Arithmancy, Astrology, Muggle Studies

O; Herbology, Potions, Charms, DaDa, Transfiguration
E; CoMC, Arithmancy
A; Astrology, Muggle Studies

Tertiary Education: Edinburgh University; Herbology (2069 – 2073), Journalism (2080 - 2083)
Career History: Junior Herbologist in private Nurseries (2073 – 2079), Senior Herbologist in private Nurseries (2079 – 2083), Part-time Herbology Lecturer at Edinburgh University (2080 – 2083), Freelance Travel Herbologist and Journalist (2083 – present),
Current Employment: British Ministry of Magic
Department: DERP
Position: Head Botanist
Awards: Young Herbologist Award (2074), Honorary Member Award through the Herbological Society of America (2080), Honorary Member Award through the Herbological Society of Europe (2082), Commitment to Human Diversity in Herbology (2086), Eminent Herbologist of the Year Award (2088)
Professional Memberships: Herbological Society of The United Kingdom (Since 2074), Herbological Society of America (Since 2082), Herbological Society of Europe (Since 2084)


Personality: Carefree
Likes: Travelling
Dislikes: Pressure


Relationship: Married to Gabby
Children: Valeria Burton (March 28, 2090), expecting their second child
Biological Parents: Sonia and Vincent Burton
Adoptive Parents: Aoife and Rory O’Hara
Siblings: Alexander Burton
Other: Dimitri (Alana, Keenan and Kiara), Zhenya, Theodore and Ava Burton.


Archer was born only months before his father deceased. He had a brother, 12 years older, and an ill mother. The boys were practically raised by a live-in nanny, who they fondly thought of as their mother. Two years after Archer was born, his mother passed away. The nanny and her husband, both purebloods adopted the boys, and they were moved from London to Dublin. Archer loved to travel, and be outdoors. He hated being inside. He hated being told what to do, and he hated to stay in one place. He had itchy toes, and he needed space to spread out.

Finding a love of herbology, and travel, he spent his time studying at Edinburgh, living on campus, and four years later, graduated. He went to work for private magical nurseries within Ireland, and travelling the world to learn more about international ecosystems. He progressed to a senior herbologist, and decided to combine his love of travel, and freelance, with his passion for herbology. He went back to uni and slowly completed a Journalism course, whilst simultaneously working as a part-time herbology lecturer, and senior herbologist. Once he graduated, he was employed with contracts to different magazine companies, where he travelled the world, was able to work in Ministries all around the world, and alongside well-known herbologists.


Scene One: Brazil

Archer, still holding onto Gabby's hand, felt his feet land firmly on the ground. Well, as firm as the powdery sand allowed. His tent was in his bag, which was over his shoulder. Undetectable extension charms always came in handy. "Well... here we are," he said to her, sliding a hand around her waist, looking out at the horizon. The sun was getting ready to set, and the water looked as clear as water.

always on the move

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