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Default Around the world in a tent

The Secret Garden

This is an RP between Archer Burton (Jessiqua) and Gabby Burton (WhittyBitty). They met and instantly fell for each other. Adventure seekers, and Slytherins, they packed themselves up in Archer’s magical tent, and together, travelled the world.

Along the way, they made two beautiful girls; Valeria and Liana

SPOILER!!: Characters
By WhittyBitty;
Gabby Burton

By Jessiqua
Archer Burton
Zhenya Burton
Teddy Burton
Lisabel Burton

By RandomRaven
Dima Burton

By FearlessLeader19
Alana Burton

By kayquilz
Lynley Purcell

By Hiraeth
Aoife Burton

Scene List

Scene One; after meeting in the Leaky Cauldron, and Archer having invited the beautiful Gabby to a beach in Brazil, the two decided to meet up again in two weeks time, and travel to Brazil. Archer brings his tent, and Gabby brings her glorious self.
Scene Two; from Brazil to France, from the fun first time meeting, to the serious conversations they needed. Gabby tells Archer about her past.
Scene Three; While visiting family, Gabby and Archer make a baby discovery.
Scene Four; Back in England, in their tent, Lynley (Gabby's boss and friend) comes over to meet little Valeria.
Scene Five; Gabby and Archer have Dimitri and Alana Burton over for dinner, in their tent - England.
Scene Six; The Burtons are at home in the tent, and Valeria starts to walk!
Scene Seven; Zhenya visits Gabby!