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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
She smiled back at him, it was truly hard to not like the man. He was sweet and kind, plus he at least acted as if he cared about what she had to say. She assumed he did care, but she knew some had a way with words, but his actions had showed he did at least a little.

Yes she would agree it was going to take sometime and to think that someone else might come in and just tell her no, this was something she would have to think about. She bit her lip thinking about the directions this could go and the thought of running again couldn't help but creep into her mind. Though could she really do that again? It was so embarrassing to loose and just go back to her position afterwards. She wasn't sure her confidence or pride could handle that again. It would be something she would have to speak about to her closest people and figure out how she truly felt, "I think a plan and speaking to the new minister when the time comes will work just fine, but seeing how far we get it first would be the first step in a good direction."

Yes, she knew the man wasn't able to do things with the school, it sometimes seemed that the school had a bit too much power alone. "Speaking of the school, how much say does the Board of Governors have when it comes to issues there?" She was just curious and she assumed a new election there would be coming at some point. She didn't remember how long people held those positions, but she couldn't remember the last time there had been one. Maybe she had still been in Australia during and if that was the case it was well over 9 years.

She couldn't help but smile, she enjoyed when someone agreed with her completely on things. Especially thing that she had thought long and hard about.
"I think so, too. I'm sure whoever enters office next will think it's a swell idea as well." As for her next question...

"The Board has quite a bit of power, although the full extent of our authority is usually kept under wraps. what's commonly known is that we appoint the headmaster or headmistress, take action if parents want to resolve any school-related issues, and can shut down the school entirely if we feel it is necessary." It was quite handy, being on the Board as Minister, for it was nice to have a little insight and input even if the school was out of his jurisdiction. Quidditch hadn't been a problem they'd seen fit to intervene with just yet.
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