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Dance of the Swans - Tchaikovsky

Eleven years old...

Iwin blinked at all of the bloody yelling. Apparently, his godfather was being disowned. At the time, he didn’t quite understand the implications, but later in life, this would affect him.

“You have to leave, Iden…if father knows you’re here—“ Iwin Sr. gritted his teeth at his brother.

“Just help me and Irene out—please—“

“I /can’t/! You know I can’t, Iden. You married a muggle—“

“Iwin.” Iden’s dark eyes were moist. “Please, brother. Irene is…Irene is pregnant.”

Little Iwin widened his eyes. “I’m going to have another cousin?” he asked softly.

Iden sighed. “Yes. A girl.”

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