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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Making her way to the Minister Office, Victoria kept her notebook in hand. She had made an appointment a week ago and now was exactly on time. Stopping at the receptionist she was asked to go back. She had only had small run ins with the Minister since he had taken office so a meeting was quite nice in Victoria's mind.

Stopping at his door she lifted her hand and knocked. No need to barge in even if it was the scheduled time. She would wait until called. Her excitement was certainly there along with her nerves to bring up the idea she had been working out since her own campaign had started.
He had been readyŚ calendars were so handy, they wereŚ for Victoria's meeting. Sherman wheeled over to the door at once, swinging it open and greeting the woman with a smile. "Mrs. Culloden! How nice to see you! Come in and sit, won't you?"

The paperwork that had been on his desk moments before was nowhere to be seen, and the office looked virtually spotless.

The Minister was prepared for whatever this encounter would entail.
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