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Indira broke her silence, politely signaling the end of their visit which corresponded with the finishing of tea between them. “You’re welcome, Indira…Saieed,” Lukas replied as he and his wife rose with them out of politeness. As for seeing each other soon.

“I’m sure we will,” Cassiopeia agreed. After all, things had certainly gotten tighter with their sons. If things progressed, who knew, they might one day be family.


“Whatever will I do?” Adi keeping him on his toes could mean a whole lot of things, including his transformations and such. So the fact of him surviving was an interesting notion. And as much as Benny knew the sooner his boyfriend finished packing, the sooner they could hang out more, he wasn’t ready to deal with any others on his own just yet so he was glad Adi was willing to stay for the moment. “Well I’m sure I can get the Hippogriff something…” he mused, looking around and finally summoning a plate of pastries that had been left back in the kitchen by one of the waitresses.

“Will this do?”


Scene 2: Their Apartment

Benny unlocked the door, grateful his load was lighter this trip with only Conrad and cage in one hand and a satchel over his shoulder. Made getting in easier though he held the door open behind him for Adi. “Reckon this be the last of our things?” he asked as they moved further inside their apartment and the living room they were greeted with. They had already unloaded a bit of belongings from either of their homes.

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