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Adi observed the other four adults through his sunglasses which he had not removed. Despite them being indoors, it was pretty much still bright. The questions asked by his parents made him swing his eyes around to Benny. When their eyes met, he knew that his boyfriend needed his help. Adi bobbed his head understandingly as the rest of his fingers interlocked with Benny's. He got this, lover boy. He got this.

"What Benny is trying to say is...'' Adi lifted their joined hands to place them on the table. "...that he and I are dating now.'' He watched his mother's eyes move to their hands, the darker one holding the fairer one reassuringly. He registered the shock on her face and braced himself for a tantrum. Everyone knew she disapproved of AJ and Benny was a GUY. But he tried to keep in mind that she knew Benny and liked him a lot.

Adi's eyes shifted to his dad and was surprised to see a smirk on the man's face... a smirk which was identical to the one that Adi usually wore. "Uh, dad? Everything okay there?'' He was expecting a lot of things but definitely not a smirk.

What about Mr and Mrs Atreyu? His dark eyes moved to look for their expressions.
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