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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kennedy Escalante

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Serena Baltazar-Dos Santos
Sixth Year
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Xavier Peyton Baltazar
Falmouth Falcons Owner
Former Falcons' Beater known as 'The Wreck Baltazar'

SPOILER!!: Character Information


Name: Xavier P. Baltazar
Date of Birth: December 09
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Current Occupation: Falmouth Falcons Owner
Previous Occupation(s): University student, Falmouth Falcons beater, 1/4 owner of Jones Cosmetic & Health Potion Industries.
Marital Status: Happily Married


Eye Color: Green
Hair: Black, curly
Height: 6'1''


Father: Orion Baltazar (diseased)
Mother: Morgana Jones
Siblings: Hector McCoy, Phabian Wayne

Wife: Ursulla Baltazar (ne Fiori)
Children: Yvonne, Yvette, Yvanna, Peyton, Cornelius, Mallory
Godchildren: Kennedy Escalante, Rosalinda Walker

The Walkers (might as well be family):

- Mariska Walker
- John Walker II


Xavier is of a kind nature. He was born and raised in a strict Pure-blood home, but holds no judgment to blood status. He is amiable an enjoys talking to people even if they are strangers. But at the very bottom of his breathtaking smile, charms and calm exterior there is a dormant snake that shall not be disturbed. Xavier is known as a kind person, but in the end he is still a Slytherin, thus having all the qualities of one.


Xavier Baltazar is the third child of Morgana Jones, a pure-blood witch from Scotland who married three times, having a child from each marriage. He has two older brothers: Hector McCoy and Phabian Wayne. Xavier grew up as the favorite child, quiet rumors in the family indicate Morgana had truly loved his father, whom like her past husbands, died in mysterious circumstances.

At elven years old, Xavier was sorted into the house of Slytherin. It was to be expected since his entire line of family has been in Salazar's house. He shared his house along with his older brothers that at Hogwarts called themselves the Jones Brothers, adopting their mother's last name. Eventually, the Jones split up in Baltazar's fifth year, all taking up different interests, his older brothers focusing in the Dark Arts, whereas his pursuit was anything muggle related. By the time he graduated Xavier and his brothers rarely spoke, only visiting each other at there mother's request or holidays.

Xavier married at the age of eighteen upon discovering his girlfriend, Ursulla Fiori, was with child. Yvonne Baltazar, his first born daughter was born the same day he was invited to play with the Falmouth Falcons. In the following years he became a professional Quidditch player while his family grew with the addition of Yvette and Yvanna.

Four years later, his wife and him learned that they were once again expecting. They were told the baby was going to be a boy. This overjoyed everyone on Ursulla's side of the family because all her mother's grandchildren were girls. After the long wait the fourth Baltazar child had arrived only that it was a girl. Xavier was more than ecstatic with the child, especially because she had a top of red hair like his father, or so he was told. Ursulla on the other hand fell into a depression, disappointed she couldn't give her husband a son. This caused a rift in his marriage.

Ursulla and him grew apart as she didn't want anything to do with Peyton, which Xavier had given his middle name to. Ursulla's rejection to Peyton influenced their daughters Yvonne, Yvette, and Yvanna to grow distant from their youngest sister. Things went from bad to worse until they both settled for a divorce. Ursulla went to live to France along with her three oldest daughters while Xavier traveled around with his Quidditch team and Peyton.

Five years later while at one of his games he got into a collision and accidentally crashed with a spectator. Two months later they were dating and after two years they married. He gave up Quidditch to spend more time with his family and joined United States Ministry of Magic. His new wife, Mariska, had a son, Johnathan Walker Jr. and he seemed to get along well with his daughter. But after four short years Mariska's first husband, who had been presumed dead during combat, returned. This terminated their marriage with a divorce.

It turns out Peyton had been the most affected by the divorce and so Ursulla came to her daughter's rescue, although she was rejected. A year later, with Xavier's help, Peyton accepted Ursulla.

Xavier and Ursulla remarried a year after.

Ursulla was once again with child, and the fifth time had been the charm as she blessed Xavier with their first son, Cornelius Orion Baltazar.

Xavier has retaken his spot with the Falmouth Falcons, this time as the team's proud owner.

Peyton Xiomara Baltazar-Dos Santos
Falmouth Falcons Beater
Little Spit Fire

SPOILER!!: Character Information

B a s i c s

Name: Peyton X. Baltazar-Dos Santos
Nicknames: Patito, Red (by John), Little P, Little Spit Fire (team mates)
Birthday: December 12
PoB: Widow's Peak; Edinburgh, Scotland
Heritage: Pure-blood
Relationship Status: Engaged MARRIED
Former School and House: Hogwarts, Slytherin
School: Salem's Witch Institute
Wand: Rosewood, serpent scale, 10 inches, stern
Patronus: Rabbit
Boggart: Life without the love of her life, Seth.

A p p e a r a n c e

Hair: Red, curly
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: fair
Height: 5'3''
Body: Slim

F a m i l y

Father: Xavier Peyton Baltazar
Mother: Ursulla Baltazar (nee Fiori)
Siblings: Yvonne, Yvette, Yvanna, Cornelius, Mallory

P e r s o n a l i t y

Peyton is an energetic little red-head. She seeks adventure and is willing to try anything new. At first, she might come off as a shy little thing, but when she warms up to the people around her she shows her true colors and proves to be a worthy friend. Peyton is a wild, complicated, random, but fun package. She is a crybaby when she's in trouble or doesn't get her way; she giggles at things that are hardly comical; sees fun in something completely boring; and is a big bag of emotions. At times she feels misunderstood due to her rocky relationship with her mother and sisters. Furthermore, Peyton is a sensitive girl that loves to smile and meet new people.

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