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Now was definitely not the right time to kiss Benny though Adi was quite tempted to do so. He pushed the thought away and instead nodded. "A little but I guess it's because I know you well so it's easy to tell that you are. Hey, don't worry about it. It'll all be be fine.'' The worst that could happen was that his own mother throw a fit. Adi smiled as he felt the hold tighten around his finger just as Mrs Atreyu called for them.

Oh, right. Benny's parents were right there. In his eagerness to get to his boyfriend, Adi just might have not noticed them. But upon hearing their voices, he turned to look at them. "Hi Mr Atreyu, Mrs Atreyu.'' Hmph. He didn't need his specs to see better but he had still missed them... Mr Atreyu at least since Benny's mom had emerged from the kitchen. Oh well.

"Yep. The moment's almost here.''
Still clinging to Benny's finger Adi led the way to the table where the other adults were already at.

"Hello, Benny,'' Indira said with a smile. "What's this about? Adi hasn't given anything away.''

"Or did Benny tell you two anything?" Saieed questioned Cassiopeia and Lukas curiously.
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