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Post The Winter Sorting is CLOSED!

Congratulations to our newest sorted members!

  1. crimsonlion
  2. SeekingHarmony_XO
  3. katherine2001
  4. surglife4me
  5. Yourenodaisy*
  6. Hey Ju*
  7. Govoni*
  8. feeheeheeny*
  9. Steelsheen*
  10. weasleyrima
  11. Lauraef
  12. Fallon Chanel*
  13. Lullan Longbottom
  14. Ruby_King
  15. hayim
  16. Maiyah ToxicRage

  1. Penda
  2. Jean Granger
  3. Pigmipuff77
  4. Lissy Longbottom*
  5. DinosaursOnASpaceship*
  6. SarcasticStrawberry*
  7. laural
  8. javipuff
  9. EmmaSP
  10. Ecruz190
  11. HaRoHeGiNeLu*
  12. Hermione Lovelace
  13. Salome

  1. Callie
  2. Polychromatic
  3. Killjoy
  4. owlluck
  5. MunchyBubbles*
  6. ArianaBlack*
  7. Holmesian Feline*
  8. FearlessLeader19*
  9. Stefan*
  10. dissendiumm
  11. Hotmnstr
  12. LynnWatson
  13. Dreamborbmuse
  14. Pucki
  15. Mirali
  16. Lady Laura
  17. triarismaa
  18. clever Buckbeak

  1. Nc.Ap.
  2. bizarre
  3. sarahlooo*
  4. Anna Banana*
  5. Bumblebee*
  6. Daemon*
  7. Dramione<3
  8. LucyElRiddle
  9. isolemnlyswear394
  10. grangerfan8*
  11. Saminouske
  12. LestrangeRaven
  13. Flitsandtheseizures


SPOILER!!: original post
Dear unsorted SnitchSeeker members:
The time has come! Any member who has earned his or her 10 legitimate posts to get out of the Newbie Forum is now qualified to be Sorted via this quiz. Not a member? No problem! You can register here. (Note: those who spam out of Platform 9 3/4 will have their quiz submissions deleted without notice and will be returned to the Newbie usergroup.)

Please remember: you may only take the Sorting Quiz once and the result of the Sorting Hat is final. Each House has equal responsibility and fun in the school RPG, and there are great friends to be made in each House!

The Sorting will remain open until Dec 30. After this, the next Sorting will be in another three months (April). Please remember that it may take a few days between when you submit your quiz and when you find out where you have been Sorted. While we try to get everyone sorted within 48 hours, sometimes we are just flooded with quizzes and it takes a bit longer.

Have a question? Post it below! Thanks for your patience and GOOD LUCK!

Dear already-Sorted SnitchSeeker members:
Your RPG admins are happy to bring back another exciting feature available to those members who qualify. For members who have been active in the School RPG and are interested in trying out a character in a new house, a Re-Sorting Quiz is now available. Please follow the link for additional information about the requirements for Re-Sorting, which include but are not limited to:
  • No unexpired infractions
  • For those resorting for the first time, participation in at least 7 terms in the school
  • For those who are resorting again, participation in at least 4 terms
  • Staff recommendation

If you are interested in Re-Sorting but are uncertain if you qualify, please consider applying anyway, or contacting Cassirin or grangerfan8 via PM. The requirements for re-sorting HAVE recently changed. However, remember that once re-sorted, you will remain in your new house for the next seven terms.

The Re-Sorting will be open until Dec 30 as well.

Best of luck to all being Sorted or Re-Sorted!
We look forward to seeing you around the School, Ministry, and Diagon Alley RPGs.
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