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Aaron Rose
Currently: Kenmare Kestrals Keeper, 2077-Present
Formerly: Wimbourne Wasps Reserve Keeper, 2076-2077
Always: ⅓ Badger Trio; Best friends to Treyen Lockhart & Arya (Lovegoods) Dakest

SPOILER!!: Not just another Rose

Name: Aaron Rose
Birthday: 23rd June 2059
Parents Names: Charlie Rose and Maria Rose (nee Stewart)
Siblings Names: Andrew, Alex, and Amelia
Heritage: Halfblood
Wand: 10.75 inch, Rose and Fwooper feather wand

Hair: Light "dirty blond"
Eyes: Dark Green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: average, mostly muscle though from quidditch training in the past two years. About 140 pounds.

Personality: Crazy, hyperactive, your typical teenage boy. Aaron is easily entertained (particularly by shiny things) and loves sports or any outdoors activity. He hates sitting inside for long periods of time and the rain. But he really enjoys food, sports, books - only when reading outside though, and candy. He basically thinks he's awesome and one day going to rule the world.

Aaron is the youngest of four children, who was born ten years after his youngest sibling, Amelia. His oldest three siblings all seem to be within 2-3 years of each other, so there is often question over whether he was a mistake or not. But his mother would mostly answer that she was lonely with Amelia gone at Hogwarts and the two older boys out of the house or that she had been trying for years for a fourth child or that she wanted another girl. Regardless of which story you hear, Aaron is very much Hufflepuff in personality.

He grew up with mostly his mother and muggle father in the Rose Family Cottage in Northern England. Like his brothers and sister before him, he also grew up loving the game of Quidditch and truly cannot wait until his opportunity to tryout for his house team.

During Aaron's first year, he instantly befriended fellow first years and housemates Arya Lovegoods and Treyen Lockhart, the latter of whom is the kid brother of one of Amelia's schoolmates. The three clicked together despite some obvious differences because of one main trait shared among them: fierce loyalty to their house. In addition to befriending these two, Aaron and Treyen also succeeded in making the house team in their first year - Aaron as Keeper.

However, despite Aaron and Arya being nominated as most promising first years by the yearbook, as well as Aaron and Treyen's success with Quidditch, Aaron's overprotective and slightly neurotic mother had Aaron removed from Hogwarts following their first year. Her reasons mostly included that she deemed Hogwarts to be unsafe given the dangerous fights that ensued that term as well as deaths of his housemates. So Aaron's subsequent years of education would be spent away from Hogwarts and thereby, his best mates, giving them more reasons to look forward to and enjoy their summers.

His second year was spent being homeschooled by his mother and older siblings, when they were available. However, nearing the end of that year and his thirteenth birthday as well, Aaron's older brother Alex pwas instrumental in his kid brother to apply to other Wizarding Schools. After a couple weeks of nothing, Alex and Amelia worked together to fill out several applications for schools around Europe (against their mother's knowledge). By the arrival of Aaron's thirteenth birthday he'd been offered a spot at a Luxembourg Quidditch Academy, in which many professional players themselves had attended.

So after careful wording from Alex, Aaron was granted permission to attend the Quidditch Academy. Once at the Academy, Aaron noticed quite a few different things about Luxembourg and the school. For starters, he was alone, without his best mates. But onto other structural differences, instead of houses there were four teams since quidditch training was the primary focus. The teams were named after traits the players seemed to be possessed with: Fideleherz, Vaillantherz, Sageherz, and Ambitieuxherz. Aaron was placed on the Ambitieuxherz team due his perserverance and ambitious personality. He mostly played the positions of keeper and beater, the latter was solely to toughen him up a bit. However, at the Luxembourg Quidditch Academy, it was mandatory for the students to rotate through each of the four positions every two weeks in order for them to appreciate the other positions as well as make them better quidditch players.

As of June 2074, Aaron received notice that he was being given the much coveted position of Ambitieuxherz Quidditch Captain due to his former captain of the past two years graduating (who was subsequently offered a position as beater for the Montrose Magpies). Aaron, of course, accepted the position without a second glance back.

In Aaron's sixth year, he received offers from three teams, the Pride of Portree, the Ballycastle Bats and the Wimbourne Wasps as a Reserve Keeper. Not wanting to be "second" to his sister, he accepted the offer from the Wasps. After a year, he received a better offer from the Kenmare Kestrals to be the starter Keeper, as their primary Keeper was recently injured in a semi-final match in the 2076-2077 season.

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Amelia Mae (Rose) Adara
Currently: Pride of Portree Healer since 2076
Formerly: Hufflepuff Prefect Sept 2063-2065, Hufflepuff Captain 2065-2066, Ballycastle Bats Chaser
Always: Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife, Captain Goggles, has Tancred's <3 (and he has hers)


Name: Amelia Mae Adara (nee Rose)
Nicknames: MummiaMia, Devil Puff, Goggles, ....
Birthday: August 1, 2048
Heritage: Half and Half
Parents Names: Charlie Rose and Maria Rose (nee Stewart)
Siblings Names: Andrew, Alex, and Aaron
Marital status: married to Tancred Lysander Adara (former Hufflepuff, sports journalist for the Daily Prophet, current Dragonologist for the British Ministry)
Children: Chloe, Robert & Spencer Adara
Best Friend: Rhiannon Todd

House: Hufflepuff, 2059-2066
Achievements: Prefect during 5th and 6th years; Quidditch Captain during Seventh Year
Quidditch Experience: Began as a third year, when she was placed as the Hufflepuff Keeper. Though Amelia had played all four positions at some point during her time at Hogwarts, she much preferred the position of Chaser.
Wand: Vine wood, 11" with a phoenix feather core...quite flexible

Appearance: Amelia has vibrant red hair that lays straight, flowing just beyond her shoulders, with a slight wave to it. She has deep green eyes and a fair complexion. 5'7". Average build.

Expression/ Destiny Number = 9
Life Path Number = 5
Heart's Desire/soul urge number = 6
Personality Number = 3
Maturity Number = 5
Life Path/Expression (Destiny) Bridge Number = 4
Heart's Desire(Soul Urge)/Personality Bridge= 3

Strongest Subject(s): Arithmancy and Transfiguration
Weakest Subject(s): Herbology

Amelia was born to a mother (Maria), who was a witch, and a Muggle Father, Charlie, which created obvious tensions of its own. She is the only girl of four children, with two older brothers, Andrew and Alex. Andrew is five years older, Alex is three years older, both of whom played Beater and Seeker (respectively) on their House teams, which helped shape Amelia's love for quidditch. She also has a younger brother named Aaron, who is ten years younger than her.

Amelia loves learning new things and meeting new people, but at the same time, she has a rather quiet side too. She tends to be more reserved, but won't hesitate to use her voice when it is needed. She tends to pride herself in being a very ordinary young woman, who thrives on more core values like love and trust, rather than material belongings like wealth and money. Just stay on her good side, and you have nothing to fear.

As many of us know, quidditch has this way with many Hogwarts students that can make the unexpected possible. After the first match of her fifth year, Amelia was psyched that they had actually won against Ravenclaw. Completely psyched to the point where she kissed Tancred in the Common Room.

Though Tancred and Amelia separated during their sixth years, due to Tancred's mother deciding Hogwarts was not safe, the Hufflepuff pair was reunited in their seventh year after much arguments. Tancred proposed to Amelia on the train ride back to King's Cross with a quaffle-shaped diamond pendant. They spent the remainder of the time on the train together, before Amelia would apparate off to Ireland the moment the train stopped at King's Cross. She had been accepted as a starter chaser for the Ballycastle Bats, and her first practice started the day of her arrival in London. After a year of being separated physically, but united spiritually and emotionally in the sacred bond of engagement (and love), the two were married on June 21, 2067, in Ireland.

After two more years of chasing for the Ballycastle Bats, her contract was over and though her manager had offered an extension, Mia decided that though quidditch would forever be a part of her, she wanted to move on from that chapter in her life and into married life with her husband, Tancred. With plans in mind to be a Healer, Mia set to work applying to various healing schools. It was only a couple months after moving in with Tancred in a cozy flat on the border of London that the 21-year-old redhead found herself pregnant. In May 2070, she conceived a baby girl, Chloe Michelle, changing her world completely. Instead of pursuing a career as a Healer, Amelia spent the next few months nursing her baby as she looked into local career opportunities while Tancred worked as a Sports journalist for the Daily Prophet. Within a year or two after Chloe's birth, Amelia found herself pregnant again, this time with two twin boys. After the twin boys though, it was time to sort out the career and Mia attended Healing school part-time while raising the children. In 2076, she finally completed her Healing training and was hired as the Healer for the Pride of Portree, due to her experience as a Quidditch player.

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