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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Yeah? Was Januwherewee going to enjoy her Monday with a warm, welcoming hot cup of j---- "No?" He frowned as January did too. OFF COFFEE FOR A WHILE? "What does THAT mean?" the dragonologist continued. "Caffeine isn't THAT addicting. And you LOVE lattes--- a latte!" Ha, see what he did there? How could someone just stop drinking coffee one day? And on a MONDAY, no less.

"I did say 'January, like the month.' It's a good thing the barista didn't think I was nuts. She coulda put this month on the cup." You know, June. She had been kinda an airhead.
SIIIIIGH. She should have warned him, but he probably still would have acted like this. But then he wouldn't have wasted his sickles! Silly January. But January DID love lattes. It almost broke her heart that she had given them up, but the reason for doing so was well worth it. She sighed. "I know, I'm just... holding off for a while." Vague reasoning (actually, not much reasoning at all), but she had her real reasons, and.. it was hard not to tell him, but she was just going to wait a little longer...

January just laughed. "At least June is a normal name," she retorted, amused.

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