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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Lynley nodded curtly, becoming serious at once, and pulled out her binder. The regulations she had typed up on official paper were blinded in here. They precious to her right now.

No one TOUCHED this notebook.

She pushed it towards Sherman Clark, and waited, clicking her tongue. "Inside are what my department have come up with thus far. We've worked very hard on these....I just want to know if you think I'm on the right track...if you'd approve of these...etc. You ARE the head honcho." As if he DIDN'T know or anything...hmph.

Carpet Manufactoring:

All magic carpets must adhere to the following charms before being consumed into the general populace for recreational use:

A disillusionment charm that would encapsulate not only the carpet, but also all passengers atop the carpet whilst in motion for the duration of the ride; a sticking charm that would last for the duration of the ride as well as keep all passengers securely stuck to the surface of the carpet for safety; an anti-roll charm in order to ensure the safety of all passengers for the duration of the ride; a charm that prohibits the speed of a carpet reaching no more than 105 kilometers per hour

Manufacturers will conduct safety tests and rate each rug as to the maximum number of occupants per carpet.

Carpet Operation:

All magic carpet operations must adhere to the following rules regarding travel:

No person under the age of 17 may operate a magic carpet; no person without a magic carpet license may operate a magic carpet.

In order to ensure that magic carpets retain the charms manufacturers have set, magic carpets must be inspected at least once every six months by the manufacturer.
Smiling a bit at the words 'head honcho', Sherman took the binder and murmured a thanks as he began to look over it.

Eventually, the elderly man glanced back up. Commentary time? All right, then. "This looks wonderful, Lynley. I can tell you and your department have put a lot of effort into this piece of legislation." Her regulations looked quite polished, and it was always best to start with a compliment anyway.

"Have you decided how you will conduct the license test for magic carpets and what would constitute proficiency operating one? And have you considered differentiating between charmed Muggle carpets and legitimately manufactured magic carpets created specifically for flying in the statute? Perhaps that needs to be addressed." He knew very well that there was a general concern about appropriating Muggle items in problematic ways, and he didn't want Accidents and Catastrophes to be running around willy-nilly fixing carpet fiascoes.

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Originally Posted by dan arjay View Post
Zach has been very busy preparing some paperwork for the Minister. He had it signed off by the Senior Undersecretary and now he needs to deliver. He have, in his arms a couple of folders, both of which is of blue in color and have the Ministry's insignia on top. It doesn't say "Top Secret" but it is not for everyone's eyes to see.

He stood in front of the door of the Minister's office after saying a few words with the Senior Undersecretary. Clearing his throat, he knocked.

Sometimes, Sherman was prone to skipping lunch to reach his objectives for his work hours, but it was a hollow day today. He'd started out with a sandwich, and when that wasn't enough, he'd asked Joćo to fetch him some pasta, and then baked beans, and then fried bread, and then sausages... still not enough. When a new noise interrupted him, he was POSITIVE it was his stomach rumbling.

Actually, it was the door.

Cleaning off the crumpet crumbs coating his lips, he wheeled over to get the door. "Mr. McMillan! How are you? Come in, come in, please!"
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