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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Lynley did sit, and she crossed her ankles in a ladylike manner and clacked her fingernails against the surface of his desk. The horrid chair she was forced to sit in smelled of elderly people. Reminded Lynley of her grandmother's house...Merlin. Was there an elderly person scent or something? They all smelled the same! Like a...muted baby powder mixed with potatoes or something. Lynley had to try hard not to crinkle her nose.


The minister didn't offer her any tea or refreshments, but that was okay. She herself often didn't offer her visitors anything because refreshments took extra time to prepare. Lynley was a busy woman. "Please, call me Lynley, sir." No need for formalities here. He was her boss.

And now, to business! "As you should know--" Ahem. "Magic carpets are now legal. I've been working on the exact legislation regarding that, within my department of course--but I came to ask you about anything YOU might want to contribute?" She cast her eyes around his office once before letting her gaze fall to him again. "Unless, of course--" she smirked, "You don't like magic carpets. Then your opinion doesn't really matter." Now does it?

Lynley chuckled...covering her mouth with her hand. Hehehehehehe.
The clacking was a little scary. Or a lot scary. The way Ms. Purcell's nails rapped against the surface of his desk made Sherman feel like she was anticipating the moment when she could do the very same thing to his poor old man flesh—

Ahem. "Lynley it is. Of course, I am aware of the carpet situation." It was his job to know what was happening in the Wizard World, was it not? Merlin knew a fat load of his work had to do with such things, but he didn't bother to say so. "To contribute... hm. I'd have to know what was in the legislation already, wouldn't I? Do you have a draft copy with you?"

He also thought whether he liked magic carpets or not was a moot point; irrelevant was his opinion, for his position as Minister surely implied that he should review any legislation for the safety and best interests of his citizens, correct?

Sherman didn't mention that either, though. Those nails needed to stay farther AWAY.
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