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I can throw a bit more detail on this as my wife took our 10 year old up for the casting. It was well organised and a great day was had by all in spite of the very long queue. Met some really nice people and have stayed in touch.

The figure of 100 is slightly under - we reckon it is nearer 150. The organisers saw everyone in groups of 10 for a photo and the girls were asked a couple of questions. Some girls - including our daughter - were asked if they wanted to stay longer and were escorted to another area within ExCel where they had to wait before spending about 10 minutes in a room - they were asked to read from a script and were filmed. My wife reckoned that they took a girl out of around every 15 groups of 10, if that makes sense. The films are then forwarded to the casting team, though a few will be cut even before that I would imagine. We were told that we'd hear within two weeks if we were to be recalled, otherwise we haven't made it through. My wife said that virtually all the girls who made it this far were diminutive with small features so I think they are looking for a child that can 'play' 8.

The part won't necessarily be cast from girls who attended this event - they are also seeing children who have agents etc...We realise that it's unlikely that we'll progress further, but it has been a great boost to our child's confidence to have done this.
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