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Originally Posted by lemon View Post
Luckily for Lynley, there was no possible way that Sherman could have been late that day; he'd been working inside his office all morning. There were stacks of parchment covering his normally barren desk, and the elderly man had even skipped lunch to keep working on his tasks for the day.

He was ready for a nap.

Too bad that he had a meeting with the Transportation Head, huh? The woman was a little... frightening, to be honest, with the constant glare-y look she was giving and the 'DIE, PEASANT' aura that surrounded her sometimes. Sherman didn't exactly look forward to speaking with her.

Still, he rolled his wheelchair over to the door seconds after his wrinkly ears picked up on the soft knocking sound and greeted Lynley with a smile. "Hello, Ms. Purcell! How are you? Come in, please!" He scooted out of the way just so she could do that.

His office was a little too.... Sherman, as always, but it was still suitable for guests, of course.
Lynley looked down at Mr. Clark, since, you know, he was in a wheelchair and all. The man seemed to be cheerful today, but since when was he...not? "I'm all right today." She said simply before sweeping inside.

Her hair was tied back into a tight bun, and her fingers found the pearls that hung about her neck, stroking them slightly....the plaid. The plaid was a horribly rendered early 1990's nightmarish sight, and Lynley found herself wanting to...cast her own preferences all over the man's walls. Her hand even twitched to grab her wand.

But she refrained from doing so.

"I have a few things to discuss with you, sir," she casually said, tucking a stray, pesky strand of her hair behind her ear. "So I'm glad you're in a dapper mood." A smirk curled across her lips. "May I have a seat?" She would wait for him to tell her to, but Lynley was much too busy to worry about pleasantries right now.
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