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SPOILER!!: Angel
Originally Posted by Harry174 View Post
Angel watched as her friend rolled and landed on the Ravenclaw Common Room "Hey this is cool, maybe I'll land on their one day and I can see what it's like for my sister." Angel giggled seriously she wished that she could go into all the Hogwarts common rooms but she knew she'd get into trouble.

Angel now had to roll, she rolled the dice and got double 5 angel then moved another 10 spaces, to end up on a red. "This is awesome." Angel giggled. "I take it I get another go for getting a double, like in the muggle version." Angel rolled again and got a one and a six to land on the boys bathroom. "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Angel shivered a bit, this was one piece of the board that Marsha could buy, she didn't even want to think about what it was like in there.

Marsha laughed. ”It kinda stinks that we can’t go into the other common rooms to see friends and family… but I guess we can do that in most of the school so it isn’t too much of a sacrifice to give up three rooms in the whole school.” Giggle.

Marsha nodded her agreement that a double would give a second roll… oh, the boys bathroom. Hahaha. Angel was so funny. ”I don’t know, might be fun to see what it was like on the board without actually having to go inside the bathroom in Hogwart.” Marsha was still giggling at Angel’s reaction as she picked up the dice to take her shot.

Moving the seven spaces around the board, she landed on their first ‘always’ spot. ”Oh! Always… Lets see how these cards work while we are playing a game…” She giggled as she picked one of the cards from the top of the pile.

Originally Posted by Always Card
While walking through
the castle one day
you find a new secret passageway.

Advance to the Great Entrance.
”Oh, nice!” She said out loud before reading the card to Angel. She moved her phoenix from her ‘always’ spot to the ‘great entrance’ spot. With a grin, she passed the dice back to Angel happy that from her next turn she could start to buy properties.
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