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Post Harry Potter's Sir John Hurt receives British Knighthood, updates on cancer treatment

Sir John Hurt received his British Knighthood at an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle on Friday afternoon. Photos and a video of the Harry Potter actor with his medal, which was bestowed upon him by Queen Elizabeth II, can be seen here.

Hurt was anointed with the honour for his decades of services to the film and theatrical arts.

Hurt, who played wandmaker Garrick Ollivander in the Harry Potter film series, commented on how he's doing after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, as well as what the honour means to him.

Speaking after the Windsor Castle Investiture ceremony he said: ďIím halfway through my chemotherapy and Iíve got a whole load of tests next week.

ďIím not feeling any of the side effects youíre suppose to feel, or at least you can feel, as everybodyís different Iím told.

ďItís extraordinary, I havenít lost weight or anything and Iím feeling good - itís crazy.

ďMy oncologist is extremely optimistic, as indeed I am, so everything is going really well.Ē

Itís so unexpected in a sense, I never thought of it when I started out.

ďI suppose the only thing I really rather regret is that my parents arenít alive to see this, Iím sure thatís not a sentiment thatís new by any means, a lot of people say the same. But it does make one inordinately proud.Ē

Asked about his favourite role he replied: ďThatís always impossible because itís like saying Ďwhoís your favourite child?í

ďThey all have different qualities, but I suppose something which changes your life in so far as it changes an audienceís perception of you and the businessís perception of you, then I think Iíd have to say The Naked Civil Servant, followed by The Elephant Man.

ďI look for something that I think I can do something personally with, the difficulty is until you work on something you do not know what you can do with something.Ē

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