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Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
"See I told you my bears hugs aren't that bad." he shrugged innocently. "I don't try and injure people. Well maybe my cousins but they are family. They have to forgive me." he laughed and elbowed her playfully. Ooohhoo she wanted to collect key chains along the way? He laughed and asked, "Well I guess we gotta get a big bookbag to store all your keychains in huh? I hope it won't be too heavy." He was only pulling her leg is all. He would want to get some souvenirs too. "I think I would love to collect like baseball caps along the way.." he said voicing his thoughts out loud. She seemed impressed by his idea of magizoology. He nodded and sighed. "Yeahh I am nervous to start it but it is what I wanna do.." he said ruffling his hair nervously.

He heard Silvers question and he opened his mouth to answer but then he closed it trying to think of how to phrase it. "Hmm it is what I wanna do. I want to have some degree under my belt it all." That is a must if you want a job. "I would love to work with creatures because it is all I know.." he said. "Because I have been working on a farm and know how to take care of them. I wanted to do Astro at first but then I knew it wasn't for me.." he said venting out his feelings is all. Man deciding your future can be a hassle. "Oh who is your bestie?" Kace wanted to know because if she is a dragon lover than she is a friends of Kace's. Simple as that.
Silver giggled and nodded. "You're fun!" She had a giggle fit, with the elbow nudge. "Mhm! Well if it does get too heavy, which I don't doubt it would I'll let you carry it. After all you got those big arms." Silver grinned and playfully pinched one of his biceps. Pretty awesome Kace. "Baseball caps! That's pretty cool too. We are gonna have so much fun, not to mention the food! Oh my guuuurd!" She was already drooling at all the possible foods she'd encounter herself with. Silver noticed the sigh and the hair ruffling, "And you're gonna be great at it. I believe in you." In all honesty, she believed in him.

She nodded as she listened to him, then began to think to herself about what exactly interested her regarding a job. Yeah she can live of, of the Barry fortune but she didn't want to be known for that. Silver wants to be known for the success and intelligence she's brought to the table and not for the golden spoon she was born with. "As long as it's what you want, then go for it." She smiled at him, sincerely. "I...I don't know what I want to do. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty scary not knowing what's ahead." She shrugged, followed by chuckling. Silver didn't do well with expressing her fears, since she was known for being fearless. But seeing how peaceful it was up here and with great company (Kace was good company) she just let it all out. Now regarding her bestie, a HUGE smile appeared on her face, "Her name is Beverly Wayne and she's a Slytherin here! Silver beamed. Beverly was one of her closest friends whom she grew to really admire and care for.
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