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oh yeah OK, i knew i was forgetting something #Historyfail

oh yes the Inuit tribe i was thinking of them too, and Alaska is a pretty secure place to have a Wizarding school.

but for the sake of discussion and we take Jo's tweets of "tribes" literally, then it means the location has to have more than one dominant tribe, which made me think about the Four Corners, which has the largest Native American reservation. Oklahoma has a lot of them too but are they reservations? i may be wrong but arent there differences between reservations and communities?

ooo, speaking of this Wizarding school being established before the Puritans arrived, this got me remembering about the Anasazi. they're ancient Native Americans that carved their city into the cliffside. its pretty amazing to see since the structures are still there (as if they've been merely abandoned), and they said some of these structures were even around as far back as several hundred years BC.

sounds like a good place to hide a magical school yeah?
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