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Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
ok i know the reservations are peppered throughout the US, but the most well known ones are the ones in Arizona/Utah/New Mexico and the ones in the Dakotas (spesh South Dakota).

JKR said the school isnt in NY (so that crosses out the tribes there). unless of course she only meant the island of Manhattan? because there are reservations in upper NY state.

she said she cant name the tribes because it would give the location away. SD is mostly Sioux territory, but AZ/UT/NM has at least 3 (Navajo, Apache, Hopi). this elusive US Magical school is somewhere in the Four Corners?

YOU FORGOT OKLAHOMA!!!!!!! With the Cherokee and Quapaw.

You watch, that's totally where it's going to be. Either in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Or maybe a smaller place, like Muskogee or Sallisaw. Hopefully not Moore though...... (tornado magnet, that town is)
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