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Originally Posted by DarkStorm View Post

Tyler was just minding his own business when suddenly a much older girl came down and asked if he would be her guinea pig for potions. Oh no! potions! that thing could be anything! Wait! hold up! Not even a hello? learn some manners lady! Maybe he will have to teach her some later on. "Tyler.. first year. Guinea pig?" He took the vial from her and looked at her suspiciously. "What is this vial contain? and what does it do?" he was not going to dance around the common room barking like a dog if that was what she was after. Actually that would be funny, he would have to see if there was actually a potion for making someone do that, would be hilarious! Besides he had a little potion of his own as well, taking out the little vial.
Mel giggled and smiled, "Nice to meet you, Tyler... I like your name!" Melek nodded, "Yeah, I need to have you try a potion for me... it is suppose to alter your emotion depending on what ingredient you add last... I added ferret fur last so it should make you excited... I mean if that seems to hard for a firstie like you then I could always go ask someone else." She giggled and waved the vial in front of him again then offered it to him. "I just need to take a few notes of your actions then you can have the antidote that is in my bag... do we have a deal?" She smiled sweetly at him, "And maybe i will give you candy if you help me with this."
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