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Exclamation POST HERE FIRST: Check-in for Patients

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OOC: The following form is meant for those here for an illness or injury. All visitors may proceed through without checking in.

Upon entering the Hospital Wing, you come upon a tall, wooden podium with a sign attached to the front of it. "Check-in Area for Patients," the sign reads, alerting you to the fact that Healer Murdoch wishes for you to document your medical condition in the book spread out across the top of the podium. It's already opened to the next available page, so go ahead and grab the provided quill and sign in before you proceed to the waiting room. This way, Healer Murdoch is sure to not miss anyone, and all those ill or injured can be properly seen and tended to.

OOC: You may check-in in character or out of character (if your character's condition is too severe), so please utilize the thread even if your character is in serious condition.

Please fill out the following form and post it in this thread. You'll only need to post in this thread once for each medical visit.

NOTE: After filling out the form and posting it in here, please post your character in the Waiting Room for Patients and Visitors. If you post in here and no where else, then your post will be deleted.

Originally Posted by Check-in Form

Character's Name and Year:
Character's Condition and/or Symptoms:

Accompanied to the Hospital Wing with: (usernames)
Cause/s of injuries:
Link to post where injury or illness happened: This MUST be included
I have read the RULES: You must put your username here confirming you have read all rules. Failure to read the rules will result in your post being deleted, and yes, I WILL know if you've read them.