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Jack didn't realize that he had such a...following with the younger kiddos. Was he really that old that all of his classmates were having kids and sharing Quidditch with them? Woooooow. He knew it was true, but seeing all these kids know who he made it a lot more REAL, that was for sure.

OH MERLIN a child was running at him. He just managed to put out his hands and catch the girl as she JUMPED on his leg, and was going to say something nice to her about her Dad reading stories about him, whatever that meant...but oh, look, there she went, off again to the next pro. Hehe. Young kids had so much ENERGY. When did they all lose that spark? Jack needed it back - without the help of coffee and all that, obviously!

"If you want, after you successfully summon your broom, you can get yourself settled on it...but NO taking off until we give the command," he added. He would HATE to have to kick some poor kiddo out because they got too excited and took off too soon...although as the others had said, they wouldn't really GO anywhere because of the charms and whatnot. "Don't want their arms to get tired holding the brooms out to the side, do we?" he chuckled softly to the fellow pros. GRIN.
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