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SPOILER!!: Truebridge
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

"That's true." A slow smile, if one could call it that, emerged however briefly on the Headmistress' lips. Dakest was adept at dodging the press, no? She'd call that another plus for him, in her book.

Well, good. He wasn't one to gossip. "Would you believe that back in the day I wrote Legend Chosen a letter of recommendation for the YATI program?" How old did THAT make her look? "But that's neither here nor there; we're here to talk about you, Sabel, and what kind of a professor you would make." A young one, certainly. Even now, her mind was trying to figure out what kind of an age gap would exist between their oldest staff member (Botros) and their soon-to-be youngest... for yes, Bunz had already made up her mind about this young Auror.

She again found herself listening with rapt attention to his responses, already picturing him even if his hair was a bit long for her tastes delivering this speech about open communication to a classroom full of students. "I couldn't agree more, Mr. Dakest. You have impressed me with this surprise interview today, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You're exactly what I want in our DADA position, and exactly WHO I want to teach the subject, starting now. I daresay that the sooner you can send me your resume and references, the sooner I can officially offer you this position and get you confirmed by the Hogwarts Board of Governors." She rapped her knuckles on the wooden table between them for a moment, thought about asking him yet one more question, and then quickly changed her mind about it.

"So, all things said, I don't think I need to keep you from my troublesome cousin any longer." Annie offered him a genuine smile and then her hand, again, for a parting handshake. "Please owl me that information, but until you are officially hired, will I be able to find you at the Ministry of Magic should any problems arise?"

It was hard not to stare. This lady, this current Headmistress of Hogwarts and the woman offering him a position at the school, had given Legend Chosen a letter of recommendation? What was it with bumping into people that were only a mild separation from him? But more importantly, if she had recommended Legend for the YATI program, then why wasn't she interviewing him for this position?

The compulsion to ask was hard to curb. Whatever her reasons, they were her reasons. Maybe she had already asked Legend, and he had said no. The guy had a prominent place in the MLE, and he was undeniably good at his job. So he kept his thoughts to himself in exchange for a simple reply and nod of his head. "Legend is a good friend, and has become a fine Auror."

One that Ms. Truebridge should be impressed by. The fact that she was impressed by his hastily strewn together words and idealistic ideas, floored him. The fact that she was practically offering him the job on the spot, rendered him speechless. He had to remind himself that nothing was certain, that there were still things that had to be considered and he was neither in or out at this point, all just so that he could nod in understanding and agreement. "You'll have them as soon as I can make contact with my references."

Confirmed by the Hogwarts Board of Governors. The line made his head spin a bit. He moved forward slightly to shake her hand, a tempered smile of excitement and hope on his lips. "I...can't express how humbled, and honored, I am that you have taken the time to interview me and find me....a suitable candidate for the position. Thank you." A nod. "You can find me at the ministry."

Hesitation pricked at his mind as he retracted his hand, his smile slipping a little with it. Did he dare speak his thoughts now, when he was so close? Would it kill his opportunity to do so? Sabel let out a breath. It would do greater harm than good to speak of it later, if and when the acceptance actually went through. It was best, to lay all the cards out on the table now.

"But, should the position be confirmed by the Board of Governors, I have one condition of acceptance I feel I should say now, rather than later." That way she could consider another candidate if his condition resonated unreasonable with any of the staff or Governors. "I understand that working at Hogwarts requires full time residency of the staff. And I'm more than aware that most of the staff members have family, and they have to give up a lot of time to teach. And I understand that my personal, past choices have nothing to do with a position at Hogwarts, and the consequences are mine to deal with. And I respect the decisions of the staff and the Governors."

His eyes locked with hers. "But I have a wife, and two young kids who's lives I've barely been around for due to ... work." A choice he regretted daily. "And it is not in the best interest of my family if I take another job that keeps me away from them consistently." He took a breath. "For their sake, I'm afraid that should the position be offered, I can only accept if I am allowed to return home to my family every second day, or at least once in the middle of the week and on weekends."

As much as he hoped for the Headmistress's offer to return to him, he couldn't put his family through another extended absence. Not when he had a choice in the matter.
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