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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

Strengths were good. Weaknesses were.... at least honest. Co-worker descriptions seemed consistent. Sabel was very much a Gryffindor, both by his own admission and from what she had heard about him so far. Despite that, honestly, Gryffindors often made the best DADA subjects teachers. Just look at how fearlesslyish Airey had handled her DADA lesson last term.

She nodded along as he continued, mentally taking notes for follow-up questions. Annie's blue eyes met his at one point, and she leaned in as she softly asked, "Is the worst thing you've ever done something you would feel comfortable with your students learning about you? You do realize that they try to get into their professors' lives and under their skin, and sometimes with poor intentions..."

The Headmistress took a sip of her drink, after that, and now she was finished with both gillywaters. "I appreciate a hands-on approach to DEFENSE Against the Dark Arts. I daresay you've worked with a share of my former students, including Alexa Cambridge, no? I believe her intention after school was to either become a Dark wizard or else delve into her curiosity surrounding them." Annie rolled her eyes heavenward. "The DMLE certainly has its work cut out for them in trying to change HER mind. Since we're on the same page there regarding practicality and sensibility, how would you go about teaching DADA? Where do you think the education of magical graduates like Alexa is lacking? How can we teach our students how to defend themselves, and make them see the VALUE of defense, without actually placing them at great risk?" Or at least, without placing them at greatER risk than Hogwarts already contained...

Well, his admissions hadn't concluded the interview right then and there. A good sign, he supposed. Though by the light in the Headmistress's eyes, he had a suspicion that those had been the easiest questions, to answer and to pass.

He was in the process of taking a breath of collection, when the woman poked a little bit more into his 'worst thing'. Her question had a small smile touching his lips. "It holds no weight over me any more, besides the regrets of memory. Even if it did, I'd be impressed if a student could suss it out. I've spent the better part of a decade contending with parties within the Prophet and Dark wizarding community who've been interested in getting under my skin, and then some."

Granted, kids could be more creative in their methods, but he didn't think their intentions or executions could quite match the day-to-day an Auror faced. But then, that was a limited opinion with no experience as a Professor. He vaguely wondered what types of stories the Headmistress had, that she would provide him with such a caution. Maybe one day, he would ask. Then again, maybe it was something best not to ask about.

Regardless, now was hardly the time.

Tenting his fingers on the table, Sabel leaned forward slightly. "A few of them." Though until now he hadn't really paid much mind as to whose students they had been. Only the school. He understood the point the Headmistress was making, but at the same time the compulsive draw to defend one of his own was overruling. "Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to make comments on the interests or habits of my co-workers." It was, after all, how the mess of the Daily Prophet was usually started. "But I can say that she is proving herself to be a capable hire, and a promising Auror." Interest in the Dark Arts or not.

"Whoever trained her, did a good job." And he had been hoping to pull a few notes from that person's book, but it seemed the Headmistress wouldn't even allow that indulgence. He had been expecting a simple 'guys' chat over drinks with Sander, not a job interview with the Headmistress of Hogwarts. To say he was under-prepared, was an understatement to the extreme.

He thought for a moment, rubbing the pads of his fingers together as he formulated a response. "Open discussion." It seemed too simple, too easy of an answer. "People, kids especially, find the unknown interesting and intriguing. Especially a forbidden unknown. If honest, open discussion is facilitated, it may help." But they couldn't just sit around the DADA classroom all day, yapping their gums. He wondered how far her humor stretched, and how she might react to suggesting that the alternative was dropping the kids off for a day of tumble with Dementors, or a sparing match with a few prisoners from Azkaban.

She didn't look like she had much humor to spare at this point, so he kept the grim musing to himself. "Otherwise, the same way as the YATI's are trained. Practice of skills, spells and a resourceful mindset that protects and prevents, whether against a dark wizard or a good wizard, dark magic or muggle conflict. They don't have to face the Dark Arts to be taught how to protect themselves and others."

Though it most certainly did help in developing a certain type of appreciation, and resentful respect, of them.

He shrugged a little self-consciously, all too aware of how idealistic his words sounded. He didn't know how to explain training, he just knew how to do it. "Early on, I was told that the use of Dark Arts is a choice, but the intention behind that choice doesn't make it any less dark or damaging." Thanks Tate. "Give them other choices, other options, other mindsets to deal with difficult circumstances, in all circumstances, and they may not feel the need to turn to such things as Dark Arts in desperation if, and when, the time comes." He hesitated. There was another part, a less pleasant part than exploring all that magic had to offer. "And consequences. They need to know about them. Not necessarily through direct experience, but if simple explanation doesn't work then by the experiences and memories of others. It's one thing to read about the Cruciatus Curse and want to use it, and another to hear or see a memory from a victim and to understand the pain they would be causing. They need to realize, and understand, they have a responsibility to themselves, and to each other. "
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