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SPOILER!!: Headmistress
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Excellent. He was willing to play the game so the Board would approve him. Good good good.

The Headmistress nodded and took a sip of her gillywater, resting her hands around her glass as she put on her usual interview tone. "I'm just going to rapid-fire shoot these at you, so get ready. You can answer in whichever order you'd like. Number one: What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses? Two: How would your co-workers describe you? Three: If I asked you what was the worst thing you've ever done, would you immediately know the answer? Four: What is the largest wizarding threat children need to be prepared for upon leaving Hogwarts? And five: What are your thoughts on defensive theory vs. practical defensive knowledge?"

Anddddddd pause for breath and to allow Dakest's head to stop spinning....

Rapid fire indeed. Sabel couldn't recall any interview, job or life based that had tossed so many questions at him all at once. Except, for maybe when Damien had taken to scolding him for being an idiot. But those had been rehotircal questions, and most had never needed an answer. These, did.

And he was surprised to find they came relatively easy. "My strengths and weaknesses." He scrubbed at his chin slowly, suddenly regretting not having a drink to have this conversation over. In his mind, there was one strength and weakness that he had, and everything else stemmed from that. But voicing it was both somewhat philosophical, and an admission he was careful never to make for fear of the wrong people hearing.

So, he skipped to the basics. "I'm good at my job, at what I do. The practical side, the spell work, the investigation. Integrity, commitment, intuition, evaluation, judgement, attentiveness, diligence, vigilance. Protecting people." He shrugged, somewhat self-conscious of having rattled it all off. "I have a strong moral compass and a drive to help people."

As for his weaknesses? It made him smile a little. "However, I've been told, and proven to myself, that I can be impulsive, a bit hot-headed and temperamental, idealistic and I've been known to speak my mind at the wrong time. "Things I'm working on." Sounded less lovely, but then, she had asked.

His smile turned into a chuckle at recalling the second question. "My co-workers? Well, the younger generation has not been shy to tell me that I talk too much and need to learn how to relax. I'm not sure whether they look up to me or are irritated by me." Another shrug. "My peers and the older generation though? Loyal, I suppose. Perhaps to a fault. Good at what I do."

How could he summarize? "A Gryffindor, still." Always. She would either appreciate that, or loathe it. At least he wasn't a snake?

His smile disappeared as he turned to the third question. For a moment, he watched her, searched her eyes. Was she going to ask him? It occurred to him that it didn't matter, the answer couldn't change. "Yes, I do know."

He looked away, considering taking a break for a drink, but refrained. What would that show about the worst thing that he had done? It certainly wouldn't build any confidence in her, though he wasn't sure what confidence, if any, his words were instilling in her at all. Refocussing his attention, Sabel decided to switch up the last two questions.

"As for teaching, I prefer practical knowledge. Especially in a subject like DADA. It's one thing to hear about how to act, or preform a spell, or what a circumstance is like, without being in it. Reactions are different. Choices are different." His gaze returned to her. "Granted, temperance and sensibility should be used and more...sensitive topics require the distance that theory affords."

Which led him to his last point, easily answered by his encounters with the YATI's opinions. "Though, that doesn't seem to do much for curiosity. I would argue, that the largest threat to kids is misconception. That the Dark Arts and Dark Wizards, are interesting. An intriguing curiosity to be explored, tested and experimented with." His expression was grave as he glanced around the pub, finally settling on the Headmistress. He was sure she was no stranger to his words. "When in fact, there's nothing further from the truth."
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