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Penelope looked around at all of the students who were arriving. Dormmate Abby and wand expert Sophie were here! Pene? Who was Pe- oh, that must be a nickname for Penelope. Tia could call her Pene if she wanted to. Penelope looked over at Tia who was now asking about Hayley. ĒWhoís Hayley?Ē Who was Hayley? The third year girl didnít know many older students. Was Hayley a fourth year like Tia? Penelope was fairly sure that she didn't know anyone named Hayley. Not that she was good at remembering names or anything. Chances were that she did know someone named Hayley but didn't remember her name.

Group hug time! Penelope joined in the group hug. She had always thought of group hugs as more of a Hufflepuff thing, but she really didnít mind being part of a group hug as long as she didnít get squished in the middle.

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