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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
....she didn't notice Phoenix until she heard his question, and she didn't have a chance to think about it before he was hugging her--oh--she wouldn't have said no, either. She kissed him, on the LIPS, and smirked as she pulled away--"Yeah? Shower away, lover boy." She said--grinning like mad...all giddy...her eyes were all sparkly...

Oh boy.

"I love you, too--" she whispered back, blushing a gooood bit. "You've never come to find ME before--you cutie--" she said, absolutely GIDDY with delight at the turn their relationship was was...quite satisfying...
Shower away? Oh he'd shower. Shooooower all the things. "I got you a present." To start with. Though maybe he'd save that for later, cause he wanted to sit with her on the train or something. "Also..." He sprinkled glitter over her head quickly, a mischievous grin on his face.

As for... that... well... yeah he'd kinda noticed that he maybe wasn't putting quite as much effort into this whole thing as she was and he wanted to because he loved her and he wanted her to feeeeel it. "Well maybe it was my turn." he said, sitting down in the place next to her. "Aaaalso I missed you." He hadn't seen her for a whole day.

He wouldn't mind Clara sitting with them y'know... it was only... a little awkward...
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