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A Poop * k8 *

EVANGELINEEEEE--Eden smirked and stood up to kiss Evie's cheek before slumping back in her chair, making eyes at her...just to make the girl chuckle. "How are you tonight, dark beauty?" she asked, smirking. GOSH it was fun, flirting with Evie, wasn't it? Eden loved it.


But Kyroh was here. SO maybe she should knock it off? IHFIHUHRUH

Eden smiled and waved at Abby, Tobes, and Sophie, too and yeah--Penelope, whom she hadn't talked to much lately. She was really such a lousy housemate. Considering she hadn't even REMEMBERED Tia's name--yeah. WHOOPS. Hehehe. She should try harder next year...her...ahem. Last term.

Awww, little Josie. She was the cutest. Eden wanted to pinch her cheeks. "Heeeey--" she said to her, raising her glass to Josie before taking a sip.

SUCH GREAT FEELINGS OF COMRADERY HERE TONIGHT. Eden looooved it. She did. So much so that she stood up and cleared her throat--



Not everyone was here but that was all right. Toby wasn't even a Ravenclaw, but he might as well be.
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