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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post

The was PEP in his STEP and a SOPH on his BACK. Tobias CHARGED into the Great Hall with all the exuberance of twelve thousand excitable puppies. Sophie Brown had hitched a ride, of course, it was tradition. Though, in all honesty, Toby had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that the End of Term Feast was TODAY; he'd been labouring under the misapprehension that it was still May. GOSH. TOTALLY lost track of time there. WHOOPS. It was a good job Soph had come to find him, really. But... that meant he still had ALL his packing to do tonight, but with the chances he'd sleep tonight at something in the area of 'slim to none' he felt confident that he could do that all in one night.

ANYWAY. NOW was time for the FEAST. And the TOBY TRAIN.

Still going at top speed, Toby barrelled down the length of the Ravenclaw table, sort of forgetting the whole 'sitting down' thing, circled it at the top, then looped back. He managed a glance at the staff table (which was mainly a blur when you were going this speed) and he let go of Soph to WAVE at certain professors up there, but then he was running the other way already.

Really he was running for the sake of it, but of course when Soph told him to stop, he'd do just that. Hopefully.


Sophie was BEYOND elated as Tobes raced through the Great Hall with her on his back, and she CLUNG TO HIM FOR DEAR LIFE as he sped alllll the way up to the staff dais, where she strained her eyes to focus on faces, and JAVY got a big ol' grin and a wave, but then they were circling back around and flying down the length of the table on the other side. "Too-hoo-hoooobes," she giggled, clinging to him cheerfully and peeking at the faces at the Ravenclaw table as they passed, looking for...

"EVES!" she pointed at Evie just ahead of them, wanting to go sit with her dormmate and the small crew she had around her including Tia, Eden, Penelope, and... "Kyroh's there, too!" In case Tobes wanted to stop off and ruffle his pseudo little brother's hair or something.

In the back of her mind, the thought of last non-sad feast with Tobes kept trying to consume her entire thoughts. But no. No, no, no. Letting that kind of thought take over would make THIS feast sad, and SHE DIDN'T WANT THAT. The manic wild child under her provided a great distraction, though, thankfully.

Her Tooooooobes.
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