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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
It wasn't long that Tia laid her head down before there was talking. Right NEXT to her. Which meant she should raise her head and see who it was and act alert, even if all she wanted to do was sleep. Her family wouldn't mind if she slept for like two days straight after arriving home, would they?

"Well considering we've just spent like 10 months sharing a common room........" Tia shook her head at the girl and smiled. Really, how did she not know her was beyond her, but some people were just naturally spacey when it came it to names. Now like, Tia knew this girl was called Eden cause like, Eden. Such a flowery name. Made her think of gardens and Herbology and Millard was a good teacher, even if the subject was not something she wanted to pursue career-wise. She also knew the girl was older than her. Not graduating, but older than fourth. Because like they didn't share a dorm room, so that was one dead giveaway. "I'm Tia. And -- yea, I know you're Eden."

And why was she looking at the Lion table? But because of it, Tia found herself glancing that way too, if nothing more than to grin broadly at that male prefect. Hehe.

"Who you looking for?" Tia asked curiously, looking back to Eden. And like, where were all their classmates? The walk was FAR from the Ravenclaw Tower, but for feasts, it was totally worth it.

They'd be comrades.

Oops. Eden had paid most of her attention to little Thornton so..OOOOPS. "Right. Tia. I won't forget it now.." but that could be a lie. It was might as well BE a lie because Eden was about to not see this girl for like, three ish months and then..yeah.


And the girl knew her name? EDEN FELT SO BAD. But sigh...nothing she could do now. "Oh--my friend--Phoenix--" Phe was more than a friend. Who was she kidding? But she would never in a million years call him her boyfriend--and she most certainly wouldn't say a word more about Phe with Kyroh around--who had just taken a seat.

She squirmed in her chair and smiled at him, but still felt funny...did he hate her still? They'd had that nice day awhiiiiile back...with the chalk and stuff,

"Kyyyyyroh." She said, winking playfully to seem normal she took a sip from a goblet in front of her--oh, pumpkin juice? PERFECT.
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