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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Noting the boy seemed particularly taken with one of the kneazles, Harmony went over to its cage and let him out, scooping the creature up into her arms and scratching between his ears. She then knelt down in front of the boy so he could pet the kneazle and interact more naturally while she explained the difference. "They're much like cats in appearance and behavior, though kneazles are known for their large ears and plumed tails!" Yes, just like lions, ROAR! "They're quite special in how smart they are and they're very good at reading people!" Just like she was, heh. "I think kneazles make excellent pets."

And it looked like the little man wanted this one. At his question, Harmony too glanced up at the boy's father and smiled. He was totally going to take home this adorable kneazle, yes?
Henry's eyes followed the lady as she walked over to the cage and he withdrew his fingers from the bars. His attention fully on her, he watched as she pulled the kneazle and knelt down in front of him, taking that as an invitation to pet the feline. Happily, he pet the kneazle behind his large ears, his hand going all the way down his back and back again, as he listened to the lady talk about him. Even if his attention was more on the animal.

"See, he likes me, Dad," Henry grinned as the kneazle seemed very receptive to the boy's attention. "He wants to come home with us." Still petting him, Henry glanced up at his father to see what kind of reaction he'd have. They were here to get a pet, so they could get him, right? He really, really hoped, 'cuz this kitty was pretty awesome.

Matthew watched as the woman in charge pulled out the kneazle that his son had been eyeing and he nodded a bit as she talked about the differences between felines. He couldn't help but to smile at Henry's excitement and how much he really seemed to like the creature. He didn't see why they couldn't get him, they had come to get a pet after all, and the kneazle didn't seem like much trouble.

"And easy to take care of?" He added to the woman once she was finished with her information. Matthew had never had a kneazle himself but had a couple friends who had at one point or another, and from what he knew, they were much like cats in that aspect too. Fairly independent. Because though this was a pet for Henry, ultimately he knew who would be taking care of an animal. Not that he minded too much, but it would be nice to have one that didn't require too much work.

"Sure," he grinned down at his son. "I think we can get him."
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