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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

William saw the guy staring at him and gave him a small smile. Maybe he'd never seen a Jarvey before. "Talkative, aren't they?" Sure were haha.

So he was thinking about a pet! Great. "Hmm, that depends... are you more of a cat guy or a dog guy?" William beckoned him over to get a better look at the pets. "Crups have to be taken out but kneazles can pretty much take care of themselves." And yes, both could he flat-trained.
"Yeah they are." He made sure to look at the Jarvey's once again to really make it seem he was looking at them. "Don't think I need anything that talkative." He couldn't handle lots of chatter, he liked his quiet flat.

He looked between the two, "I don't mind going out, but I don't know. I guess I could be either." Should he know if he was more dog or cat? Why was this so difficult. He rubbed his sweating palms on his pants casually. "They all seem nice." His eyes caught mutant cages then turned his eyes back between the cages in front of him. "What do you recommend? I mean are you a dog or cat person, or I mean.." He scratched his head a bit trying to really know what he meant and regretting entering this room right now.
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