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SPOILER!!: Matthew and Henry
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Ah, it made sense that the two people sitting at the table would be the ones in charge of the creature adoption and Matthew turned his attention to the young woman as she greeted him and his son. "Hello." He nodded to her, then to her colleague as she pointed him out before his eyes found the cages of animals. "Alright.. thank you, Miss." What did Henry think? He glanced down at the nine year old to see if there was any indication on what he might want to take home for a pet.

It didn't matter a whole lot to him what Henry might want to take home. His parents and his in-laws were all Muggles so that took crups out of the equation, but something else would work out just as well. His eyes wandered back to the cages before stopping on something very unusual and he took a few steps towards some animals that he had never seen before. "What types of creatures are these?" Matthew asked with a hint of awe in his voice as he looked at the mutants, though he had no clue what they were. One of them was downright scary looking but they were unidentifiable to him which made them quite fascinating at the same time.

Henry glanced up shyly at the lady, soon taking the opportunity to wander towards the animals as she spoke to his dad, diverting his attention. He didn't want to wait any longer while adults talked anyway and he first walked towards the crups. He loved dogs and they were so cute! But Dad had said no.. The boy snuck a look back at him to see if he could change his mind, then stuck his fingers into the cage to try to give one a little pat, laughing a bit as one licked at his hand.

What was his dad looking at though? Henry turned his attention back to his father a moment as he heard him question some of the creatures and he wandered towards him again. Hm, he didn't know what those were either, but they looked kind of cool. He stared at them a minute before his attention was diverted again by creature noises. "Look, Dad.. Cats!" Henry hurried over to the kneazles, squeezing past a couple people already standing there.

The former mutants seemed to be getting a lot of attention which pleased the red head. She didn't think they looked nearly as unrecognizable as they had when they had arrived here. Pretty much back to normal, actually. Still, she smiled and pointed them out one by one. "Niffler, Murtlap, Kneazle, and Clabbert. They came to us after some very cruel treatment but we've given them all the care we could and they're doing so much better! I'd say they'd make some excellent pets." And they deserved it, the did.

And the little one seemed quite taken with the crups, though his father didn't seem to be paying them much mind which made her wonder. He'd certainly have a reaction to the excitement about the "cats", though.

"Kneazles, dear." Harmony corrected and smiled serenly. "Excellent pets. Pretty independent too, if you've got a busy schedule."

SPOILER!!: Sophie and Jory
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
The pet she was hoping to adopt today in the creatures conference room had already been abandoned by their previous owners or it hadn't worked out. Sophie wanted to give the pet she chose the love and care it needed. A crup wouldn’t get the attention it needed from her so it wouldn't be fair to adopt one. Turning to Jory she asked "What other pets do you and Ronnie have aside from a crup?" He had remarked that he owned too many pets.

When her friend directed a question about the mutants to the red-head woman Sophie waited with interest to hear the answer. The same question had been burning on her tongue after she had read over the list of available pets for adoption. "Poor creatures," Sophie shook her head in sadness. “Why can’t people understand that creatures deserve to be treated with respect, love and care just like people?" It was just sad. "I'm glad that my department could be of assistance in the cure finding though."

"Can you tell me more about the puffskeins and kneazles. What do they eat? Do they have any special needs?"
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
In Jory's head, his defiance about not getting a pet right now was wearing thin. "I should get one... no, I shouldn't... but the creatures need a home... we have enough...'' Fours pets were enough. Hmm? What was that Sophie was asking? "She has a kneazle and I have an owl and a pygmy puff. The Puff was given by that man over there-'' Jory gestured to Willamson. "-during a CoMC lesson at Hogwarts since I was interested in adopting it.''

Jory frowned as the pet woman explained about the mutant creatures. Talk about his resistance slipping away even further. He nodded vigourously in agreement with Sophie. "Some persons don't have a heart,'' he muttered. "I'm glad they're back to normal as well.''

"I'm torn between the niffler and clabbert." Huh? Where had that come from? He wasn't going to be adopting today? Right?

This Jory character had a lot of pets, it seemed! She approved so much and was glad to find more creature lovers in the ministry. It gave her hope for allllll creature-kind and that this adoption booth would be a success! William would be so pleased.

"I simply never understand harming such delicate and amazing creatures. You're quite right, some people simply do not use their hearts and that's a shame." The whole subject was terribly upsetting and in order to keep her positive vibes, Harmony let the subject drop there.

The woman's questions were answered first and Harmony eyes the creatures in question thoughtfully as she spoke. "Puffskeins are lovely pets. Low maintenance, cuddly, and eating almost anything! Really. If you're not a fan of spiders, this is the pet for you. They even tell you when they're happy by the adorable humming sound they make." She was a fan, of course. As for the kneazles, "Kneazles make great pets too. Independent and extremely intelligent. They're quite good people readers, actually. I've always found that fascinating. They can be aggressive but I've got one and I've never had a problem." She was actually thinking of adopting another, truth be told. "And kneazle food is bought and sold in most wizarding pet stores!" She preferred the natural stuff.

And then on to the man, who was going to adopt? Harmony tried not to chuckle. She had this problem too. "I'd say with the pets you have already, a niffler would be a better choice!" Didn't want his owl being eaten, after all.
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