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SPOILER!!: Danda and the husband
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Danda nodded, smiiiiiling away and feeling at peace in the environment. "Yes! Yes. Ember convinced us to finally bring a pet into our home--we live out in the middle of nowhere, really-" she glanced at her husband, who just nodded in his usual smiley fashion.

"And...well...she told us to look into adopting one of the mutants?" she let her voice inflect at he end, because....she didn't exactly KNOW what adopting one of the mutants would ENTAIL. "But--they're completely safe, right?" SHe TRUSTED Ember's opinion, of course, but sometimes.....well, she had grown used to the little girl who'd try to bring home stray, UNHAPPY cats and squirrels and all sorts of critters back in the day. Ember's idea of dangerous was just a bit different than Danda's.

She glanced over Harmony's shoulder at the animals, though...they all seemed perfectly fine and happy and stuff.

Well of course Ember's first thoughts when suggesting her parents adopt would be for the mutants. The woman had been such an advocate for them since they'd arrived and Harmony felt an overwhelming urge to go and seek out her employee for a hug because she was so proud to have someone like that working here. It made her eyes well up with tears. "You daughter is such a gem. You should be so proud."

As for the mutants, the red head smiled reassuringly. "Completely safe, yes! They underwent some harsh testing that turned them into mutants and they stayed that way for quite some time but before the winter holidays, we were able to find a cure!" Could they tell how amazing that news was? "So now they're back to being normal, run-of-the-mill creatures! Though I do think these dears deserve a bit more love and attention given what they've been through."

SPOILER!!: Sophie and Jory!
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

"I don’t think a crup will be ideal. Don’t they need to go on walks several times a day? I don’t think that will work well with my job." Sophie said thoughtfully to Jory. Eyes glancing over to the red headed woman she explained. "I work several days a week on call for potions accidents and spills which means I can get called out in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn and can be gone for several hours. The pet that I adopt would have to be fine with being alone a lot." It was just how her work situation and daily life looked right now. There had to be a pet that fit for people that worked a lot too?

"In what way is the jarveys language colourful?" Sophie enquired curiously. She had a hunch but she wanted it to be confirmed.
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Maybe crups weren't such a good idea for Sophie then. She had such a busy schedule. "Yes, they do. Ronnie has to take mine on walks a lot of the time.'' But that had changed recently. Jory had found a tad bit more time for doing that. The crup seemed to have adjusted to not having a lot of walks too since sometimes Ronnie could get busy. But he had the entire yard of the house to run, walk and other crup things.

"The mutant clabbert looks interesting. Does it being a mutant gives it any special quality?'' The Auror was very interested in the clabbert being a mutant. "If there are special qualities, are there any for the other three?"

Harmony let the man-Jory, apparently-answer the question about the crups. It seemed he had one of his own so he was just as qualified as she to answer that particular inquiry. And knowing the woman was at work a lot was helpful because it narrowed down the list of creatures she should be looking at by a good margin. "An independent pet for you, then. One that could look after itself." She eyed the cages thoughtfully, considering the toads. "Jarveys can be quite rude with what they say. I wouldn't imagine a mother wanting to have one, if you know what I mean." Small children tending to imitate what was said around them and all.

Turning her attention to the gentleman, the red head smiled. "Those creatures all came to us in mutant form. They underwent terrible experiences and suffered for it but we were able to find a cure for them, with the help fo the Magical Accidents and Catastrophes Department!" Again, her excitement for the former mutants was evident. "So now the dears are back to their original states and behaving normally. I'd say the only thing special that they need is some patience and extra tlc."
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