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Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
Jasmine shrugged and looked around the break room and didn't like Tiffany's attitude right now. She heard her comment and she scoffed. "You don't even like him.. Yeahhh UH HUH..." was all she said raising a skeptical eyebrow. "Whatever miss Tiffany.." she grinned smugly. She didn't see the big deal but Jasmine did. Loud and clear. "Next time I see Ezra I am gonna ask him if he likes you.." she smiled and liked teasing her just a little.

Woaahh she wanted to help her find a guy? She stood there wide eyed and gulped. She wasn't good with the guys. "Ermm how would you do that exactly?" she needed details.
Again Tiffany leaned back a little on her chair. She could tell that Jasmine wasn't all too happy with her at the moment, but it wasn't her fault. Tiffany wasn't all too happy with Jasmine at the moment, either. They could sort it out some other time. All this talk about Ezra was making her very uneasy. For some unknown reason. Ahem. ANYWAYS. She let her eyes widen just a bit at Jasmine's clear attempt to startle her, but other than that she wouldn't let her friend know how much that thought terrified her. "Of course he likes me," she let on an easy shrug and an effortless smile, though she wasn't actually as certain as she lead on. Did he? Maybe she didn't want to know the answer.

Though she was very relieved for the topic switch and it did help her ease up a bit. Not that she showed any difference outwardly because Tiffany Price always did a great job of keeping composed. But on the inside she was flooded with absolute relief. "Mmm, I guess you'll have to see!" she winked. "I'm quite good at advertising, Jasmine. We'll find you a man in no time at all." Okay well, she was good at advertising, but also not a miracle worker. So erm, maybe this wasn't a promise she should've been making, but oh well.
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